Goodbye America


It’s weird to think that I’m leaving the country for almost a year tomorrow. Although it’s also super exciting considering that I have been waiting to depart for the last two weeks. I was supposed to be in Sweden around August 1st, so as you can tell it’s been a little bit of a delay. Can’t say that I’m happy to be missing out on Swedish summertime but I am happy to finally be leaving.

Because of my delay it will be a frantic first week. My host dad and siblings will pick me up in Stockholm on Thursday and then drop me off at my language camp on Friday. I will stay there until Tuesday, then fly to Gellivare that night and be picked up by my host dad’s girlfriend, who is a Rotarian, because my host mom and siblings are going on vacation.

The past few days I have been saying my goodbyes to all my friends and family. As much as I am so excited to leave, I will miss them! I went out to dinner with my aunt, uncle, and cousins, had a girls night sleepover with my best friends, and had a little photo shoot with some friends!

1-photoshoot 281_Snapseed-002


friends 267_Snapseed

Ali made me a “We will miss you” cake!



DJ and Megan

DJ and Megan



Well that’s all for now. I’ve had a fun last few days here in American and can say that I am ready for the changes that are about to come!

Hej då!


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