Första Dagen i Sverige


Thursday of last week I landed at Arlanda the airport in Stockholm, Sweden.

As I said in the last post my host dad, Mats, and his girlfriend Ingela picked me up there. We then drove into downtown Stockholm to meet up with the rest of the family.

First when we arrived in downtown Stockholm we checked into a small hotel for Ingela and I to stay in because there wasn’t enough space at the apartment my host family owns for us and my host siblings. Also because the next morning my host siblings would be going back to Arlanda to fly to Spain and Mats had to work early.

After we got checked in we met up with my host siblings and had fika at Wayne’s coffee. (For those who don’t know what fika is, there will be a blog post explaining it soon!) Then after fika we went shopping. Emma bought new running shoes and I bought a Swedish sim card to use for my phone.

By the time we were done shopping it was time for dinner. The part of Stockholm we at dinner in was my favorite part of town. Plenty of green spaces, running trails, water and the best of all it was peaceful.

sweden 035_Snapseed

sweden 030_Snapseed

We finally decided on an outdoor cafe to eat at. I ordered a Feta cheese salad which was really good.

sweden 036_Snapseed

The best part of the day was after we were finished eating, because that meant it was Gröna Lund time!

Gröna Lund is an amusement park in Stockholm, the name actually means green grove.

sweden 038_Snapseed

sweden 039_Snapseed

sweden 042_Snapseed

The first ride we went on was called the Eclipse. It was the tallest ride and had swing like chairs. I was kind of scared to go on it at first but the view from it was amazing. You could basically see all of Stockholm, and it’s so beautiful because the amusement park is right on the water. It was one of those moments where I wish I could have taken a mental picture.

sweden 043_Snapseed

sweden 041_Snapseed

Next we went to the fun house

sweden 050_Snapseed

sweden 052_Snapseed

my host siblings running on the spinning floor

sweden 056_SnapseedBumper cars!

sweden 072_Snapseed

sweden 070_Snapseed

Half of my awesome host family minus Erica (me, Ingela, Mats, Emma, Filip)

sweden 074_Snapseed

sweden 084_Snapseed

The smaller version on the Eclipse. Still had an amazing view of the sunset over Stockholm!

sweden 090_Snapseed

Ate waffles with cloud berry jam and soft-serve ice cream. So good.

sweden 087_Snapseed

I’ll leave you with this beautiful picture of Stockholm from Gröna Lund.

As you can tell I had an amazing first day in Sweden with my host family and it really was a great way to start a great year.

Hej då


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