Hej hej

Friday, the day after I arrived, Ingela (my host dad’s girlfriend) and I had some free time before I had to go to language camp. Ingela lived in England for 5 years for college so she has been on an iconic double-decker tour bus before, but not in Stockholm. Since it was my first time in Stockholm we decided that the Hop On, Hop Off bus tour would be a great idea!

We were a little early for the bus so first we took a look around the Royal Library.

sweden 097_Snapseed

sweden 098_Snapseed

After killing some time there the bus came. We decided to sit on top of the bus because the weather was very nice and I, of course, had to take pictures. The bus had an audio guide to listen to, which was another reason we decided to do it.

I don’t know exactly what the names of all the buildings are, some I just took because I thought the architecture was amazing!

sweden 102_Snapseed

sweden 105_Snapseed

City Hall

sweden 124_Snapseed

The Royal Palace

sweden 107_Snapseed

Beautiful Old Town Stockholm

sweden 132_Snapseed

sweden 134_Snapseed

Stadsmuseum where you can find the history of Stockholm

sweden 138_Snapseed

A Stockholm city street in the area of Södermalm, where the working class and hipsters live, or so I was told.

sweden 142_Snapseed

Gröna Lund, the amusement park

sweden 155_Snapseed

sweden 171_Snapseed

The Nordic Museum

sweden 180_Snapseed

sweden 182_Snapseed

sweden 189_Snapseed

A city street near Old Town Stockholm

sweden 145_Snapseed

The bus tour was actually very fun and educational. They talked a lot about the history of not only Stockholm but Sweden as a whole country. The tour also covered a majority of Stockholm, so it was a good over view of the city.

I think this was the best introductory into both Sweden and Stockholm. I already know where I want to visit if I get the chance to go back to Stockholm.

The next post will be about another introductory thing, my language camp!

Se dig snart! Hej då!


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