Language Camp (part 1)

Friday after the bus tour my host dad, Mats, picked me and his girlfriend, Ingela, up from the bus tour. We drove to the suburbs of Stockholm, to Trosa where my language was. When we got to Trosa we had fika to kill some time before I had to be at language camp, and we also walked around Trosa. It really was a beautiful city with a canal and bright, colorful houses.

IMG_3127_Snapseed IMG_3119_Snapseed IMG_3124_Snapseed

After walking around for a bit it was finally time to go to the camp. The language camp was just outside of Trosa, at a school right on the Baltic Sea! It was a beautiful campus. The first night was just for the people who had to travel to get to the camp, so there was only six of us. Once everyone arrived and we got our rooms settled, we had to explore!


This is what we called ‘The Castle’ where our meals were held, and it was the only building with wifi.

The next day ten other students arrived at the camp in the morning. Our normal schedule was two lessons each morning then we would have a group activity.


This is the view from the dining room in the Castle.

The next post will be about the activities we did at language camp!

Hej då


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