Language Camp (part 2)

Language camp was so much fun because of all the activities we did!

Our normal schedule was two Swedish lessons in the morning, lunch, then group activities.

The first group activity we did was go bathing (swimming) in the Baltic Sea.

sweden 047_Snapseed



This was the first time in awhile that I have swam in salt water. It was so cold! Although you got use to the water after you were swimming for awhile. The raft out there was so hard to sit on because it kept tipping over!

After swimming in the cold Baltic Sea we had to have a sauna. This was my first time in a sauna.

The next group activity we did was rowing! I was super excited about it because I’ve always wanted to try it.



I was in the front of the boat, and apparently I had a pretty important job because everyone had to row at my pace to be in sync.

IMG_3213_SnapseedAt first we weren’t too good at rowing, we actually kind of crashed into the bridge trying to get out of the dock.

IMG_3178_SnapseedWe decided to stop at this island where there was a farm to explore! Sweden has a law  saying that you have a right to access nature. So as long as you don’t harm anything it’s okay to explore random islands!

IMG_3188_SnapseedRowing is hard work!

IMG_3192_Snapseed Our rowing conditions were not the best after we explored the island. It got very windy so there were a lot of waves we had to row against. Luckily it didn’t start to rain until we made it back to the dock.

DSC_0049_SnapseedIMG_3197_SnapseedThis is the island we rowed around called Gälön. As you can see it’s pretty big!

Some other activities we did were soccer, volleyball, and a Swedish game.

I had the best time at this camp because I came really good friends with all of the students! I think it is amazing that we all come from different places not knowing each other at all, but by the end of the camp we became great friends! That is the amazing thing about being a Rotary exchange student!

Look for the next post language camp (part 3) for some amazing shots of the campus! It really is a beautiful place!


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