Language Camp (part 4)

On the last day of language camp we had an exchange student photo shoot! Everyone who brought their blazer wore it.


My roommate Jessie and Tanner. If you live in Canada your blazer is usually red.


Akane from Japan!


Andrew, who I knew before language camp because he was in my Central States District


Sofia from Italy!


Hannah from California and Gabriela from Brazil!

DSC_0114_SnapseedTanner from Kansas again and Lana from Brazil


Emily from Canada!

DSC_0152_Snapseed After pictures we went into Trosa to eat lunch at an actual restaurant

DSC_0165_SnapseedThe reason we went into town was because the company Camfil invited us to tour their factory and offices to see how the product was made and how it worked. Camfil is a air filter company.




The tour was kind of interesting but it didn’t really have anything to do with Sweden. But I guess it was fun to get out with the group and see the town.

After the tour of the company I left because I had to take a bus to a train and a train to the airport in Stockholm because I had to take a flight to get to my town up north.

I’m so happy to have met all of the people at my language camp! Everyone was so awesome!

That’s it for now!

Hej då!


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