Dag Med Matilda


I arrived in my town, Gällivare, last Tuesday night.

My host parents set up for me and another exchange student, Matilda, to hang out Wednesday. Matilda went on an exchange to Mexico last year!

Matilda and I met up at Alla Tiders Cafe, or All Time Cafe, downtown Gällivare. We got there around 11:30 and her mom, Karin, and my host dads girlfriend, Ingela met us there at noon for lunch. I ordered nachos and they were amazing!

After lunch Matilda showed me around Gällivare, we went into the local museum, the shopping center, and just walked around. We saw some people Matilda knew so we went and had a fika with them back at Alla Tiders Cafe again.

After fika we walked back to Matilda’s house which was about a 15 minute walk. On the way back to her house we stopped by the big supermarket. We had to buy Swedish candy and chocolate because I hadn’t tried it yet! (The candy and chocolate is amazing!)

When we got back to her house we played this board game that was like Monopoly but the theme was Gällivare. It was made in this class at school where the students have to sell a product and that was the winning project of that year!

We made spaghetti for dinner which was super good because Matilda’s family lived in Italy for some time so it tasted very authentic. After dinner Matilda was going to Zumba and I decided that I wanted to go with and try it!


Zumba was a lot of fun and a good workout! Matilda is on the left and Carin on the right! I will probably be going back to zumba again sometime!

I had a great first day in my host town and a lot of fun with my new friend Matilda!

Hej då!


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