Vandring på Dundret

Last Wednesday I met my Rotary contact, Lars, for the first time.

We went out to lunch at a pizza place, where my host sister works, actually. There are so many different kinds of pizza you can order there! Hawaiian, fish, pretty much anything you want on a pizza they have it. It took me about 10 minutes to decide what to order (the menu was all in Swedish, of course!), I finally decided on a pizza with bacon, ham, pepperoni, and peppers.

The pizzas here are pretty thin. I am from the Chicago area so I love a great deep-dish or very thin crust. This pizza in Sweden wasn’t bad! I didn’t think that it would be good at all, but I was definitely wrong! They also don’t cut the pizza here for you, and most people eat it with a knife and fork. In Chicago we only do that if the pizza is deep dish.

After eating we ran a few errands, then we went up to Dundret! Dundret is the local mountain in my town. Everyone in Gällivare has very good opinions about Dundret, they love it! At least that is everyone that I talked to. You can downhill and cross country ski there from roughly October-May, and in the other months you can hike, run, and walk on the trails.

As I said, I am from Chicago, we don’t have mountains there! So that being said its so different and amazing! The only thing I have close to mountains and hiking is Starve Rock which is by my house. We called that hiking but now I’ve really been hiking!

dundret 007_Snapseed

We parked the car a little ways up in the mountain, and then started hiking. Lars said since I am so athletic we were going to take the long way, which turned out to be 7km (or about 4 miles). This picture above is Gällivare from Dundret.

dundret 028_Snapseed

dundret 008_Snapseed

dundret 009_Snapseed

This will give you an idea of what the trail looks like.

dundret 011_Snapseed

More of Gällivare

dundret 027_Snapseed

We hiked up to this small cabin, where we relaxed for a bit and had a snack. Lars is retired and now is involved in some other active things. He is part of a club that owns this cabin. Every Sunday it is open for skiers to come and take a break and get some coffee and snacks. On the walls you will see pictures of the people who came the most Sundays each year.

dundret 019_Snapseed

It was absolutely breath-taking view from the cabin (or maybe I was just out of breath from the hike). The cabin is on the highest point of the mountain.

Overall the hike was a lot of fun and I will definitely be doing it again! We had a pretty nice day to hike, although it was really windy. The 4 miles it was hiking wasn’t bad at all either, I could have made it much farther!

Now it’s bed time! Hej då!


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