Min Galna Vecka

Hej hej!

So I haven’t really had much time to blog, and when I did have time I had so much blogging to catch up on! So this is just going to be a bunch of random stuff that I did with pictures off of my IPhone, so I apologize in advance for the picture quality.


My host sister Erica 🙂


My host sister Emma! Her friends threw her a welcome back surprise party (since she exchanged to Australia last year)


Matilda who also went on exchange last year (to Mexico)


My new favorite kind of cake kladdkake, which Erica is a pro at baking. It’s kind of like chocolate cake but gooey on the inside. Delicious


haha super cute stuffed animal and Emma



My favorite Swedish cookies so far called Singoalla. These ones are a shortbread sandwich cookie with vanilla frosting (sandwiched like an oreo) with raspberry jelly in the middle.



first day of school pictures! Emma is in my class so it went well, I didn’t get lost or anything because I had her to help me! Although I didn’t understand anything they said in the classes because it was all in Swedish.


Matilda again~


Ella-Marie, Me, Moa, and Matilda at this gathering that all the year 3s (or seniors) have at this lake, Sandviken. It’s a tradition to have it each year. They had soccer games and a bonfire.


The sunset was so awesome that we had to go take a picture of it.


Same people in the same order as before! (weird)


An intense shot of the soccer game that was going on.




I made my family chocolate chip cookies. They were a little crispy but everyone still seemed to like them.


Had some really yummy Thai food and watched Pitch Perfect with my host sisters since Erica was leaving for college the next day


It was a beautiful day to walk to and from school yesterday. Just a little bit chilly.


My favorite juice! (I’ve never had strawberry juice, or seen it, before!)



At this grocery store, ECO, you get a personal little scanner and you scan everything you put into your cart by yourself! Let’s just say it was my first time doing it and I had a little too much fun grocery shopping. I will definitely make another post about this (maybe with a video?!) because I thought it was so cool.

Well that was about everything exciting I did this past week. I also started SFI (Swedish For Immigrants) Thursday. I am already learning and texting in Swedish (well kind of). I can’t wait to actually be able to hold a conversation!

Vara tillbaka snart! Hej då.


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