Jag tränar mycket


This week I have been pretty active, so far!

Sunday, my host mom, Emma (my host sister), and I went to tabata. The class was free because it was part of this extreme weekend on Dundret (the local mountain). They had all sorts of fitness activities going on, like zumba, running and bicycle races, and a ton of other stuff. It’s kind of a cool idea to have this free event all weekend because it gets everyone in the community together to have fun!

So anyways we went to tabata. For those of you who don’t know what tabata is, well I don’t really either! My host mom said it is like an extreme cross-fit. Cross-fit is just stations doing certain exercises for a certain amount of time (say 45 seconds) at each station. Tabata is ‘more extreme’, you are supposed to do the exercises faster in a shorter amount of time (say 20 seconds). To make it even more extreme, because we were on Dundret, we ran up one of the ski hill’s stairs (I believe that’s what it is).


This is what it looks like, you can see the stairs on both sides. The stairs keep on going literally to the top, it’s kind of hard to tell from this picture but they go pretty far up there.

We ran up this (run for 20 seconds, rest for 10) 3 times. In-between the stairs we did normal stations like I explained before, so we had abs, push-ups, and dumbbells.


The sign for tabata.

It was very hard work! Especially for me because I am not used to the altitude. My legs are still sore and it’s almost been 3 days (so sore that it hurts to walk!). So even though it was such a hard workout it was fun, and we are planning on going back to these stairs soon to do some more training on them. The view from the top of the stairs is amazing! Unfortunately I didn’t bring my phone when we were running up them, but when we go back I will be sure to bring a camera up there with us.

On top of the tabata I also did some other sports. Monday night Mikael (my host mom’s boyfriend), Filip (my host brother), and I went and played tennis. Gällivare has a really nice indoor tennis court! It was Filip’s first time playing tennis so we taught him a bit. It was great to get back on the court!


Tuesday night (tonight) I went and got back on the ice! Mikael has a friend who’s 10 year old son plays ice hockey, and they invited me to come skate with their team. The team that practices after them, (age 12’s) asked me to help out with their practice also. It was a lot of fun at both of the practices. I really enjoyed just skating around and helping with what I could!

I will definitely be playing more tennis and helping out with the ice hockey team in the future (hopefully every week!). It gives me something to do and I love sports so it works out very well!

I will post more tomorrow, because I only have class until 11:30! 😀

God natt!


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