Så mycket svenska


I’ve been so busy this week so it has been hard to find time to post.

I had been in SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) for almost a week (learning Swedish, obviously) in the introductory course that I was supposed to be in for four weeks. Well my teacher there said that the introductory course was going to slow and was too easy for me, so now they moved me up into a different class. Which kind of sucked because I had made a friend in my class!


Monica from the Philippians!

She is my age, and we are the only two people who are under 20 at SFI. She might join school at the gymnasiet I also study at.

Some more bad things about switching classes is that I was finally getting used to the schedule, but now I have an entirely new one. I am also in classes at the gymnasiet, just english and math for right now until I learn more Swedish. Before the english and math classes fit around my SFI schedule, now they are at the same time as SFI (all except 2 times). It’s important for me to go to both SFI and the gymnasiet because soon I will just be going to the gymnasiet, once my Swedish is better, and I need to be around my classmates.

Although the good thing about this switch is that I will be learning Swedish at a faster pace, which means I will get to go to the gymnasiet full-time sooner. It’s also more of a challenge for me, which I like. We are currently reading a much harder and longer text, but it was my first day in the new class today, and I think that by a week I will be caught up and it will hopefully get easier.

Anyways, it is what it is and it’s probably for the best it seems like! So that is basically why I haven’t been posting much, I come home from SFI and school and work on my Swedish. I’ve also had some hockey practices too, and of course family time.

This weekend I will be going to my host grandparent’s house (on my host mom’s side), which is about 2 hours away! They have a floating sauna on the lake, so let’s just say I’m very excited. I will post about the trip and more next week!

Hej då


5 thoughts on “Så mycket svenska

  1. Have been thinking of taking up Swedish-got an instruction book&cd, but I guess noting beats speaking to others in the language.
    Let me know how you find it. In English please!

    1. I will! So far it has been hard with just the pronunciation of the letters. They have the ä, å, & ö. Plus they have the weird sj & sk sounds. The g isn’t harsh like in English it’s more like a y. Stuff like that has been hard for me at the beginning but other than that I will let you know!

  2. SFI! Did everyone look at you wondering why an american was in SFI class? That’s how it was for me. Which makes sense.. a lot of people have been relocated and aren’t here by choice (there were a lot of people from Syria in my class because of the war). They didn’t even believe I was from the US at first.. they thought I was from Africa!

    1. Yeah, when everyone in my SFI class found out I was American, I was getting a lot of questions, etc. I don’t really think they understood what I was doing there, as most of them had been, as you said, relocated there and a lot of them were refugees from the Syrian war. While I was there by choice and only for an exchange year, learning Swedish “for fun”. It was definitely an eye-opener for me just being in classes with people who were supposed to hate Americans or so I thought at first. I don’t think I had ever met an Iranian or Syrian person before but it just goes to show that people are people I guess and we can’t just label them by their nationality. In the end I realized how caring and amazing most of the people in my classes were. 🙂 How long did you take the SFI courses for? What’s your overall outtake on them? Do you think they did a good job of adequately teaching you Swedish?

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