This weekend my host mom (Gunilla), her boyfriend (Mikael), my host sister (Emma), and I went to Lannavaara, which is about 2 hours away by car. We went to visit mormor and morfar (It means mothers mother and father, so basically grandparents!). It was my first time meeting them and they are so nice! Anyways there was also a race which is one of the reasons we also went to Lannavaara (my host mom is a runner).

We arrived late Friday night, around 8ish I believe, and we had dinner.


Mmmm, guess what this is? Moose! It was delicious. Mostly because mormor is a great cook! The salad and potatoes are all from her garden.

We all sat around and just chit-chatted Friday night and went to bed a little early.

Saturday was race-day but it didn’t start until 2. First they gave me a tour around the village by car, which took about 10 minutes.


This is the church! It is very beautiful.

After the short tour, we went out in the garden and helped mormor gather some things to bring back home with us.


Gunilla & mormor digging up potatoes


I put myself to good use.



mormor’s garden is awesome!

sweden-049A carrot straight from the garden

sweden-073The potatoes! I really like these because they require no pealing, just rinsing off!

sweden-075This is were morfor smokes meat! He smokes the best reindeer meat! (Okay so his reindeer is only the 2nd I’ve had but it’s so good!)

We went down to where the race was held at about one thirty. I kind of didn’t really want to run in it (I’m not a runner), but morfor signed me up for it so there was no backing out!

sweden-080sweden-082 sweden-091

This was actually the first race I’ve ran in (see I’m really not a runner). I only did a 2k and it wasn’t bad at all. I think I came in 5th or something like that. I’m glad that I did it because it only took me like 13 minutes and I got a cool medal. The medal and piece of paper on my shirt will definitely be going on my Rotary jacket!

sweden-097I’m so proud of my host mom and morfor! They both ran the 10k, Gunilla got 3rd and morfor got 4th. They are awesome! I don’t think I could do that and I have a few years on them. Gunilla got a pretty cool trophy. Keep in mind that this was just in a small village too so they had some pretty good prizes and trophies.

sweden-098Everyone that ran in the race got a prize too. I figured that I could put this hockey net to good use! It’s a kid sized one, but I’m going to need something for pond hockey!


I had to capture a picture of the flag where the race was held.

sweden-103After the race we went back into the village because the sheep were outside. When we went on our little tour earlier they weren’t out. The sheep are kind of the villages specialty. It’s what they’re known for. (If you have seen my room post, you will see rugs made of sheep wool). It was quite hilarious watching Mikael and Gunilla “bahh” trying to get the sheep to come out of their little barn.

Our next stop was to the lake so I could see the floating sauna. It was quite cold out so we didn’t use it, plus it is a whole day activity. So we are saving it for summer when the conditions are better and we can go out for the whole day! It is actually for the whole village to use, you just need to book it! Isn’t that neat?!

sweden-109It was nice and sunny, but don’t let that fool you, it was freezing!


It is so absolutely gorgeous! Yes, the water is REALLY that blue. This is the beauty of the north right here.




Can’t wait to snowmobile out to that mountain! (It won’t be long until we will be doing that!)


They even have a grill here on the floating sauna, so we would bring food to eat here too!




Mormor, Gunilla, and Mikael pulling the boat in while Emma and I watch!


We went back to outdoor tub (which is like a hot tub, minus the bubbles) and sauna at morfor and mormor’s. Very relaxing! Mormor made these little snacks with caviar, but not just any caviar! It was from a special fish found only up here in the north. The fish is very small too so the caviar is kind of a delicacy. It was delicious!


This was the view from the outdoor tub


Mormor and morfar’s house. Mormor actually used to live here when she grew up, but they rebuilt the entire house.


The guest house, where the sauna was.


Mormor also likes to knit. She makes these adorable (and very warm!) socks! I love them.



I’ll end with some beautiful sunset pictures!

Fall is my favorite season so it was a great car ride to enjoy it. The trees were all yellow and orange and all the lakes were a perfect blue.

I had so much fun this weekend and enjoyed being in Lannavaara and can’t wait to go back!

p.s. I just got Photoshop CS6, so it took me forever to figure out how to edit my pictures, if anyone knows how to work it or knows of any good tutorials, let me know! I would appreciate it!

I hope all of you also had a great weekend!!

Hej då


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