Weekly Update


Nothing super exciting has happened this week, it’s just been routine and hanging out with friends. 













I walk around town a lot because the school and SFI are in walking distance and sometimes I walk home from both too if there’s not a bus (There usually isn’t from SFI). I love walking around now while the trees are all changing and the weather is usually nice. 



The sunset Monday after we got home from playing tennis





Mormor and morfar came over to help with some things at the house. I love having them here because mormor makes a lot of delicious food! Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) pictured above.


Comfy sweaters & coffee are my life! I drink so much coffee now, sometimes up to three cups a day..



We had ice hockey practice Thursday. I worked with the goalies mostly and it’s so much fun to help them.



Julia interviewed me for the school newspaper and this is the picture for it! That is the media class and it looks like so much fun, so I asked if I can switch to that class instead. I’m still waiting to see if I can so most likely more news on that later. 



Our Friday night meal consisted of Thai food made by Emma. It was so good! I didn’t normally eat Thai food that often at home but here we eat it maybe once every week and a half. 



Friday night a few of my friends and I walked to Coop, which is the big grocery store. It was kind of far but it was worth it because we bought Swedish candy and chocolate! Then we went back to Julia’s house and watched The House at the End of the Street because it was Friday the 13th.



Mmm so good! I had a ton left over so I’m starting a stash! 😀 

Friday night walking back from Coop I also saw my first glimpse of the Northern Lights! It was only a little bit and it went away pretty quickly but I can’t wait to see more. 


That’s about it for now. The Swedish Hockey League (their highest level of play, kind of like NHL for Sweden) season starts tonight. I’m going over to a friends house to watch the first game and am so excited to see some hockey! This also means I have to start deciding on what Swedish team to like. My whole host family and many other people in my town like Luleå which is the closest team (2 hours by car) but some of my friends like Skellefteå (5 hours by car). So we will see which side I go for!

Hej då


5 thoughts on “Weekly Update

    1. Yes! I see you’re from Canada? So it doesn’t surprise me much that you like hockey haha. It is kind of rare which sucks! I’m sure if you wanted to play you could eventually find equipment here, as it’s seems to be pretty common. But yes definitely bring your skates at least, to skate on the ponds/lakes! I’m attending my first Swedish Hockey League game in 2 weeks, it obviously won’t compare to the NHL but I’m interested to see how it is!

      1. Yeah, who knows. I am not the best player, but if I can find some womens recreational league, I just may! Yessssss, so excited. What is your NHL team?
        Oh, I bet it is going to be awesome. I can’t wait to watch some Swedish Elite league hockey.

      2. That’s okay as long as it’s fun for you! You would get to meet some Swedish people as well, if you played! My NHL team is the Blackhawks! What’s yours?

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