Förra helgen


I have been meaning to post but haven’t found the time. This past weekend a few friends from school and I went to Skellefteå to see a hockey game!

For those of you who don’t know, Sweden is actually a very long country. Just by looking at it, I never would’ve known how long it actually is. For us to get to Skellefteå it took approximately 4.5 hours!


Saturday morning we took the train bright and early from Gällivare to Luleå. Luleå is one of the bigger cities near my town, and it has much more variety of places to shop! Many people from my town take the train there for the day or weekend to go shopping.

When we arrived in Luleå we had breakfast/fika at Wayne’s Coffee. Wayne’s is the only place so far that I have found my favorite coffee, a frappe.


After breakfast, we had about a hour until we had to board the bus, so of course, we went shopping.


Above is what the first mall we were in looked like. It was very modern and didn’t look any different than malls in America. Below was the second mall, apparently was themed to look like a pirate ship! (It had wooden plank floors and a ship wheel)


Soon enough it was time to board the bus and make our way to Skellefteå. It was nice taking both the train and bus because we got a break in between. A little more than 2 hour ride both on the train and bus.



As you could see on the map picture of Sweden above, Luleå is right on the Baltic Sea. We didn’t have time to walk down by the coast but luckily for me we passed it while on the bus so I did get a few pictures.

When arriving in Skellefteå we went directly to my host dads apartment, where we were staying, to put our stuff. We still had a few hours to kill before the hockey game started so we went shopping again.






I thought Skellefteå was a very nice and cozy town. Luleå definitely has better shopping though!

IMG_3972For lunch we ate Subway. It was kind of weird to eat at a restaurant we have in America. It tasted exactly the same. I have also found a Swedish drink I like very much (thank you, Julia), it’s called Mer. It is juice, and the flavor is raspberry and black currant.

After we ate we went back to my host dads apartment and got ready for the game. We were a little late in leaving and walked to the game, but we still made it on time!


If you want to read more about my Swedish hockey experience, check out this separate post I did, all about hockey here.


Overall the hockey game was super fun! Skellefteå won, which was a good thing because that’s who my friends were cheering for! I however am still undecided on which team I will like more, but I may be leaning towards Skellefteå now!

When we got back to the apartment after the game we had to decide where to eat. We didn’t think we needed to make a reservation anywhere before the game but all of the restaurants we ended up calling after were full. We finally decided to just walk downtown and see if we could find anywhere. We ended up going to this Italian restaurant called Valentino, which was excellent!

IMG_3980I ate a pasta with ham and bacon in it, and it was so creamy and delicious!

When we were walking back to the apartment after dinner, we walked past two guys. After they had walked by one of my friends realized that they were two Skellefteå players. I wanted to take a picture with them, so we ended up turning around and running after them. It was slightly embarrassing, but worth it!

IMG_3981Melkersson Karlsson, myself, and Pierre Bellemare (from France!). Unfortunately the picture quality isn’t the best, but oh well! They were both very nice to all of us and hopefully they didn’t think we were too creepy!

After we met them we walked the rest of the way back home and watched TV and ate some candy we had bought earlier, although we were stuffed from the Italian food.

Sunday we didn’t have a very early morning, We boarded the bus around 10 and got into Luleå around 12. We ate another breakfast there, but this time at a different cafe. I had these pancakes (more like crepes) that were served with whipped cream and jam. No picture of that though! Again, after breakfast we did more shopping.



I noticed some of the same stores that we have back home like Lush, Game Stop, The Body Shop and Lego, and I’m sure there were more, in both Luleå and Skellefteå.




I really liked how the main shopping walk-way in Luleå looked. Maybe it was because of all of the little flags or the architecture!

For lunch we split up because we didn’t all want to eat at the same place. Amy and I went to Max, which is a Swedish fast-food restaurant. The first Max was actually opened in Gällivare, but it’s not here anymore. Max has quality ingredients so I think more Swedes go there than to McDonalds or any other fast-food option.


It was so good! It was the first time I have eaten fast food since I’ve been in Sweden, so I wasn’t worried about it being too unhealthy. I ordered a bacon and cheese hamburger which came with fries, and I also ordered mozzarella sticks. I’ve had better mozzarella sticks at home but it felt good to have them again. The burger and fries were amazing, but maybe that’s just because I hadn’t eaten fast food in 2 months!

After we ate it was time to get back on the train and go to Gällivare.

The weekend was so much fun! I’m glad I had the opportunity to go. The train and bus rides were kind of long but it was definitely worth it! I am also happy with my shopping because I bought some really warm sweaters and a scarf. Hopefully they will keep me warm enough until winter comes!

There should be some more new posts this week, as some more exciting stuff has happened!

Hej då!


4 thoughts on “Förra helgen

  1. What exactly is a frappe? I’ve seen them advertised in places I go but have never tried one, uncultured person that I am. And don’t worry-I’ve heard of McDonalds and Subway!

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