Kanelbullens Dag

Happy October 4th!

Now, if you aren’t in Sweden right now, you are missing out! Today is Kanelbullens dag, or in English cinnamon rolls day! You must be thinking, what? National cinnamon roll day? That can’t be an actual national day. Well guess what? It seriously is. It is even written on Swedish calenders, just like Christmas is.

To celebrate this fine day, the teachers at my SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) school brought us cinnamon rolls and coffee to enjoy during our break. I know my host mom bought some cinnamon rolls for her coworkers this morning. When my host sisters and I had fika they both had a cinnamon roll. So yes, people actually do kind of celebrate it.

I think this is officially my new favorite day.

Here is some background information on this wonderful day, that I have found and translated from here, a website dedicated to the day.

Cinnamon bun day has been celebrated since 1999. The day was instituted by Hembakningsrådet, which was an association of yeast, flour, sugar, and margarine manufactures. The goal of the day is to draw attention to the rich tradition of cinnamon buns found in Sweden and to increase the sales of yeast, flour, sugar, and margarine.

I think that this idea works very well because many people I know made the cinnamon rolls today and yesterday night. In fact my host sisters and I were going to make them, but then we got lazy.


If you weren’t in Sweden today, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate! Go eat a cinnamon roll, I guarantee it will make your day happier 🙂

Hej då


3 thoughts on “Kanelbullens Dag

  1. Had only I known that earlier! We would definitely’ve liked to celebrate this special day with you! Will remember it for next year 🙂 Do you know what day it is???? Cinnamon role day!!!! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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