Jag är på toppen av världen


If you can’t read the title it says “I’m on top of the world”

Yesterday on the local mountain, Dundret, there was a competition called Dundret 539. It was called Dundret 539 because there are 539 stairs on the ski jump, and the competition was to see who could run them the fastest.

My host dad and host brother were in the competition and my host sisters and I arrived at the end to watch. We brought some picnic supplies with and went to a local bakery to buy some sandwiches to bring with to Dundret.

It was a nice, clear day although a little bit chilly. After the competition was over we climbed up the stairs and had a picnic on the flat part of the slope. It was a perfect lunch with an amazing view!

I decided to try out a new way to display my pictures for this post. You can scroll over the picture and it will show you the caption, if there is one. If you want to see the picture bigger, just click on it!

It was fun to come back to the ski jump! I had only been here one other time, for tabata, but didn’t have my camera with me because we were running so I didn’t get pictures from the top! It is so beautiful there, I don’t think the pictures really do it justice.

Hej då!


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