So a few posts ago I mentioned I would be posting something exciting. Well I finally got to writing that post tonight!

Last week I got to see the Northern Lights!

It was actually kind of a quiescence, because my host sisters and I would have just gone home and never noticed them maybe, but I had forgot my key so we were locked out of the house when we went home that night. Emma and I hadn’t planned on going with, but we went with Erica to go pick up my host mom from a work party since she had a key to get in.

On the way back from picking up my host mom we started to see the Northern Lights. They were very bright and so magical. They said it was kind of early to be seeing them. That night they were all over the sky, almost any direction you looked.

When we got home I ran to my room and got my camera. My super awesome host sister Erica was nice enough to drive me somewhere without a lot of light to capture some awesome pictures! Thank you again, Erica 🙂

I didn’t have a tripod while taking these, and I really had to play with the settings to get a good picture. I actually had to use the roof of Erica’s car. That being said, some of the pictures aren’t the best, but I got a few that I am very happy with!

This really made me realize how happy I am to be in the location I was put in for my exchange. At first I wanted to be in Stockholm, but now I am truly happy to get these fun experiences of the north! I wouldn’t change it if I had the chance now! I am so lucky to be able to see a part of Sweden that not many people get to experience.

Well, I hope you enjoy these pictures! It is not the same as seeing it in person, but I hope I am able to bring a little bit of it to you!

Hej då


6 thoughts on “Norrsken

    1. Wow, well just know that they don’t happen every single night. They happen when it gets cold, so there isn’t a sure chance they will happen. It is still amazing although and worth coming to see. There is also other stuff to do here other than just that, so if you came I’m sure it would be a great trip!

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