I spent this past weekend in Lautakoski, which is about a hour and a half away from my town. The Niva’s were kind enough to invite me to come with them to their cabin.

What I saw of Lautakoski was very nice. We had great sunny weather, and the air there is so fresh.


Our job that we needed to get done that weekend was organizing the firewood. It was already all cut and dried, we just had to re-stack it in a different building. It wasn’t much work at all, and it was a fun task to do.


By the time we were done, this whole wall on the right was filled with stacked wood.




Those are just some pictures of the yard and all of the buildings! It is fairly isolated, only a few other cabins near by, so it was so calm and relaxing.


Matilda and I slept in the separate guest cabin, it was so cute and cozy! (as was the rest of the main cabin, but I didn’t take pictures of it)


After we got the job done, we drove down the trails through the woods and had a picnic and practiced some shooting. Above is the field they use for shooting practice. It was about a 2 mile drive out to this spot from the cabin. They don’t normally drive it, but we had so much stuff to bring with we had to. They said this is actually the first time they have ever drove there by car.


The Niva’s: Herman, Karin, Matilda, and Tommy by our picnic fire.




After the picnic we all practiced shooting. Everyone but Matilda and I hit the disk. I have such horrible aim when it comes to shooting!



After a little bit of shooting Karin drove the car back and Herman, Matilda, and I walked back to the cabin.

Here are some pictures from the walk back. Just click on them to make them bigger!

The path we walked above is apparently great for snowmobiling and skiing in the winter! Hopefully I will get to see if they are right!

When we got back to the cabin we relaxed for a bit and then took a sauna. It is so refreshing after you take a sauna, but I always get so tired!

For dinner we ate moose stew, but before we ate the stew we also ate shrimps.

Lautakoski 092

It was a little bit weird for me to eat the shrimp, as we had to take off the head and tails by ourselves. I thought that they were staring at me so I was kind of grossed out. For everyone else it was normal though!

Anyways the moose stew was very good, and after we ate we played a card game. I didn’t like the card game very much because I lost, but if I hadn’t it might have been fun. It was very complicated to play, especially if you never have before!

To end the night we had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows, and to top it off the northern lights decided to color the skies once again.



Overall it was a great weekend, and fun to get out of my host town and see other parts of Sweden!

Tack så mycket again to the Niva’s for inviting me!

Hej då!


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