Låt det snöa


I keep meaning to update but something else always comes up! So I finally got around to writing something about all of the snow we have been getting.

Here in Gällivare it snowed for the first time sometime in September, but it didn’t stick very much. Then we got lucky and had some nicer weather, through out the end of September and the beginning of October. Then it started snowing, for real, in the middle of October. Now we somehow have almost 9 inches?! It is crazy! This past week I think it snowed almost everyday!

That being said, it isn’t a complaint anymore. The first time it snowed in September I was freaking out because it was so early and everyone said there was going to be so much snow come wintertime.

I think that this past week I have been adjusting to the snow. Though whenever it snows I always say “It’s snowing again?! but we have so much already!” and everyone’s reply is “Oh, just wait” (apparently we will have double the amount of snow come January). It is getting easier to walk in it and my body is getting used to it always being cold outside.

My brain, on the other hand, needs some more time for it to sink in that there will really be that much snow. It’s crazy how it is so ordinary for everyone here to handle all the snow. They are always out shoveling it, at least twice a day, and do not even get me started on the road conditions!

I think they have plowed the roads, once or twice! We have so much snow, I don’t understand why they aren’t plowing them more! If there was this much snow on the roads in Illinois, people wouldn’t drive anywhere. It would be “dangerous” to leave the house. Not here. They are out on the roads, their cars slipping and sliding around, but they know how to handle it. They are used to having to drive in the snowy conditions (obviously). An interesting thing I found out is that my host dad has an automatic correction on his car, so if it starts to spin going around a curve, the car fixes it so it doesn’t slide as much.

In my opinion, I would rather have it be cold, and have snow then for it to be cold and have no snow at all, like it usually is in Chicago around this time of year. I am so excited to have a white Christmas, I can’t even remember the last time we had one at home. And also with the snow there is so much more to do, like skiing and snowmobiling!

The ski slopes open the 1st of November, I believe, and soon it will also be time to snowmobile. I just cannot wait!

The snow here makes everything just look so beautiful! At first, when we didn’t have as much snow, I didn’t think that, but now that we have so much it’s like a winter wonderland. The trees are covered in white fluff, Dundret has sugar sprinkled over it, and the roofs of the houses are all smooth with untouched snow. It is so bright out with all of the crisp white snow (even though it now gets dark around 4:30p.m.) and it is just breath taking.

I decided to put all of my pictures into a gallery again, so like before, just click on the picture to make it bigger!

Looks like there is more snow in the forecast for this week also!

Det är allt för nu! Hej då


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