Höstlov- Luleå


I am finally back from Stockholm! My trip and travel there was absolutely amazing! I first want to say thank you to everyone who hosted me during my stay, if you’re reading this! 🙂

I have so many pictures and stories to share from my trip, so this will be the first of some posts about my travel during fall break.

Tuesday, I took the train from Gällivare to Luleå. For those of you who don’t know, Luleå is a bigger town near me, a little less than 3 hours away (250km south, on the coast of the Baltic sea). Luleå has some nice shopping compared to what we have here in Gällivare.

I arranged a meet up with some other exchange students that are living up here in the north of Sweden. I am the only exchange student through my organization (Rotary) in the whole north, but there were 6 others that I met up with in Luleå that are here with different organizations.

It was so much fun to hear other exchange students’ stories! I keep in touch with other Rotary exchange students who are also living in Sweden, but believe it or not, there are some differences depending on where you live here. I found that most of the students that are living in the north had similar experiences to mine. Whether the experiences were with Swedish people, the weather, the traveling, etc. It was just nice to hear what other people think about living in the north.

It is also very interesting to hear where people come from and about their home country. The girls I met up with were from Germany (4 of them!), Japan, and Italy. How cool, right?!

Right after we all met up, we decided to get some food at Max, a Swedish fast food restaurant.



Sometimes it just feels good to eat a burger and fries. This was my second time at Max, and my second time eating fast food since I’ve been in Sweden. It’s crazy how much healthier I eat here.


Also this Tuesday night, there was a huge hockey game happening. Luleå vs Skellefteå! I went to a Luleå vs Skellefteå game in Skellefteå about a month ago, and the rivalry was unreal, so I can imagine that the game that night was crazy too. I thought it was so awesome that all of the employees in this Max were wearing Luleå jerseys to support them on the game day.


After eating we decided to do some shopping since we were already in the shopping part of town. I didn’t purchase anything because I was saving my money for my stay in Stockholm!


There was a beautiful sunset in Luleå that night!


A few of the German exchange students and I decided to go into Lush. If you don’t know what Lush is, it is a store that sells beauty products. I think their products are so attractive looking and they all smell so good!


Of course we all had to test out some of the products.


A cute little penguin that works as a soap for a bath!



After walking around and doing some shopping we split our separate ways. The German girls had to go home, but the girls from Italy, Japan, and I decided to walk down to the church.


Just some interesting artwork on the side of a building.




This church was so massive and beautiful. I don’t know much about it because the inside was closed when we arrived, but maybe I will get to learn something about it another time. The pictures also aren’t the best because it was so dark outside, sorry!


After that we just walked around, and eventually it was time for me to take a bus to the airport where I would fly to Stockholm and the next part of my fall break adventure would begin!

That is all for this post! I should hopefully be getting the posts about Stockholm up in the next few days.

I hope that all of you Swedes and Europeans had a great höstlov too, and to you Americans and Australians, I hope you had fun in school!

Hej då för nu!


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