Höstlov- Stockholm

I am excited to share my trip to Stockholm with you!

If you have read my last post, you would know that Tuesday of last week, I took the train to Luleå (a bigger town about 3 hours south of me) and flew from the airport there to Arlanda/Stockholm.

During my stay in Stockholm, I stayed with three different exchange students and their host families. The first exchange student I stayed with was Sam. Her host family lives in Täby, a town located straight north of Stockholm. It takes about 35 minutes by bus and subway to get into central Stockholm from their house.


I have made this nice little map in Paint to give you an idea of where I was staying in Stockholm! As I said the first place was Täby, which is shown in red on the map. We will get to know more about the other places in my next posts.

I arrived at the Arlanda airport around 9 Tuesday night. Sam and her host mom were kind enough to meet me at the airport and take me to their home (Thank you, again!). We didn’t do anything special Tuesday night since my flight got in pretty late, other than just stay up and talk.

Tuesday was the first day I met Sam in person, but I felt like I had already known her forever! (We actually have the same birthday, but she is a year older!) It’s weird how that works, but as exchange students I think we all have so much in common and all just instantly become friends! It was great getting to know Sam and exchanging stories about how Sweden has been for us so far.


The first thing we had to do Wednesday morning was buy me a transportation plan. My host mom gave me an SL card to put the plan onto. This SL card, pictured below, will work for the bus, train/subway, and the commuter train. Basically if I didn’t have it, I don’t know what I would’ve done. I guess not have gone anywhere. Luckily for me the transportation plan for a week was very cheap, since you are considered a child until you turn 18 here in Sweden.hostlov-001


It’s official that there are roundabouts everywhere in Sweden.



After I put the plan onto the SL card, we went to meet up with some other exchange students to eat some American pancakes.

Here’s some pictures from our travel to her house





As you can see it looks like fall in Stockholm! When I left Gällivare we had almost 9 inches of melting snow. Fall is my favorite season so it was nice to be able to catch the last of the falling leaves of the season in Stockholm.



So excited to eat American pancakes! [back left: me, front left: Beth (California), back right: Sam (Florida), front right: Gayatri (India) pancakes made by: McKenzie (S. Carolina)]


They were delicious pancakes!


Wednesday was also the first day I met Beth, McKenzie, and Gayatri for the first time. Like I said, exchange students are the best kind of friends to have!

After breakfast, we made some sandwiches so we could have a picnic later when we got into Stockholm.


I think they have the cutest house!



Riding the escalator into a subway station

hostlov-088hostlov-085hostlov-087Stockholm also has some cool subway stations! I will be writing another post just about the subway later.

We had to get off the train to go take pictures by the rainbow! I love how these pictures turned out.


Went into a convenience store leaving the subway and saw a magazine with Chicago on it! (Emigration to the USA, Swedes in Chicago)

At first we were on a mission to find a thrift shop, but we ended up just walking around down by the water (along Strandvägen). It is so beautiful everywhere in Stockholm, the architecture is amazing. I really like the buildings on this street and by the water.

We eventually crossed over the water onto one of the archipelagos which is called “Djurgården” (translation: farm animals) where there are a few museums, Skansen (a Swedish zoo), and Gröna Lund (the amusement park). I am guessing the archipelago has it’s name because of the zoo which is located on it. There aren’t farms or animals running around wild everywhere on it or anything, and the zoo isn’t just farm animals either.

Here is a collection of pictures, just click to view it bigger! Also if you just scroll over the picture, it will pull up a caption if there is one.

After walking around for awhile we decided to eat. I recommended a spot on Djurgården that my host family took me to eat the first day I arrived in Sweden. I haven’t seen everywhere in Stockholm, but I think it is one of my favorite parts of the city. It is quiet and the view is gorgeous.


Below are some pictures off my iPhone we took from the dock.

IMG_4639IMG_4624I accidentally attracted some geese because I threw in some bread to a duck!

hostlov-155Looking the opposite way of downtown Stockholm from the dock.

hostlov-158So much green grass in the park by where we ate!

hostlov-159As I said there were some museums in Djurgården, this is the “Nordiska Museet”. It is such a pretty building, but I didn’t go to the museum because I heard that it was quite boring.

The rest of the day we just walked around more. We went over to Gamla Stan (Old town) which is also up there in my favorite parts of Stockholm. There are many tourist shops in this part of Stockholm, so we bought some Swedish souvenirs. We walked through most of Gamla Stan (It is just a small archipelago) and past the Royal Palace which also located on the same archipelago, and onto Drottinggatan (the Queens street) where most of the shopping is.

For dinner we ate at Vapiano, an Italian restaurant in Gamla Stan with a bunch of other exchange students and for dessert we ate Ben & Jerry’s!

Again with the galleries, just click on the picture to make it bigger!

This day was so much fun, and was very exhausting! It was great for me to meet so many new exchange students and to see some others again!

 I still have so much to share about my trip to Stockholm, this was only just day one!

Let me know if you think I should make an enlarged map of Stockholm so it is easier to see which parts of the city the pictures were taken in!

Look for a new post up soon about day two in Stockholm! 😀

Hej då!


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