Höstlov- Stockholm Day 2

There is not as much to write about day 2 in Stockholm.

Wednesday night Beth also slept over at Sam’s house because we all wanted to celebrate Halloween together.

The majority of the morning was shopping, trying to find all of us Halloween costumes. We went shopping at Täby Centrum, which I believe is the biggest shopping mall in Scandinavia, at least that’s what someone told me (edit: It is apparently not the biggest, but hey it’s still up there). The mall was nice but it didn’t seem “huge”, we all agreed that it just seemed like a normal mall for us Americans.


We also had fika while we were in the mall. I had Princess cake and a hot chocolate. The least I could say is that it was delicious. I think Princess cake is my new favorite food.

One thing worth mentioning is that we don’t really have the same stores in America as they do in Sweden. They both have H&M, which I think everyone can agree is amazing. Other than that you won’t be finding a Forever 21 in Sweden. Although one store you can find from America in Sweden is Hollister. Yes, it is still just as dark in the store in Sweden as it was in America. We had to go into the Hollister just to see.


A “Real California Girl”


Dark, smells strongly of perfume, and has fake plants, yup you are in Hollister, for sure.


After shopping I couldn’t resist getting frozen yogurt. A sort of tradition I had in America with my cousin would be to always go get frozen yogurt after shopping, or actually after pretty much anything. Frozen self-serve yogurt is the best, if you haven’t tried it you definitely need to. It’s the best because you can decide exactly how much yogurt and which toppings you want to put on it. This yogurt was good but Cherry Berry will always be number 1 in my heart.

 After shopping at Täby Centrum we went into downtown Stockholm to go to the one Halloween/costume store they have, which was located on Drottinggatan. We were fairly successful there, and other than all of the people in the store (obviously there were a lot, it was Halloween day in a Halloween store) we got what we need for a pretty good price.

By the time we arrived back to Sam’s house it was the afternoon. We started getting ready and also prepared tacos for dinner.

IMG_4681In the process of getting ready with Beth!

IMG_4687Our finished looks. Beth who was a hippie, me “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, and Sam a hipster. I think that all of our costumes turned out good for putting them together so last minute!

 We didn’t really have any special Halloween plans actually. We met up with a Finnish exchange student and then just walked around and explored the city some. We were hoping we would find more people dressed up out and about but unfortunately Halloween isn’t so popular in Sweden.

Here is some pictures I took on my iPhone when we were walking around. Taking pictures in the dark doesn’t produce the best quality, but makes them a little spooky looking.

IMG_4694St. Jacobs church

IMG_4695  Random T-pees in Kungsträdgården.


The Opera House and the church


The museum of Medieval Stockholm


Me trying to be a scary witch!


I took this picture of Sam on accident while we were on the Subway and I think it turned out very creepy/Halloweenish.

The night ended with us walking around Galma Stan (Old Town) and then going home to watch a Halloween movie!

Well that is really all we did on Halloween day in Stockholm. Again,any time spend with other exchange students is fun, and I will definitely remember my Halloween night in Stockholm for years to come!


3 thoughts on “Höstlov- Stockholm Day 2

  1. I THINK the biggest mall in scandinavia is “Emporia” in Malmö, or maybe “Field’s” in Copenhagen (might also be “Kungens kurva” outside of Stockholm but that consists of many different buildings so it depends on what counts as a mall) 🙂
    So yeah. There you go. An essay on malls in Scandinavia………

    1. haha that is what the people living in Täby told me 😉 Yeah I just googled it a little bit more and it looks like those are all bigger than Täby, but it’s still up there I guess!
      VI SES SNART <33

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