Höstlov- Stockholm Day 3

On Friday the 1st of November I left Sam’s house and went to go stay with Emily, who I met at language camp right when I arrived in Sweden. Emily and her host family live near the subway exit Stadion (I don’t know what the neighborhood is, I just refer to everything by subway station!) Anyways her location is basically right in downtown Stockholm. It was at the most a 20 minute walk to the center of the city.



Here’s another really nicely drawn map I made on paint, since you can’t really tell much on the big map. Stadion is circled in blue, and the “city center” (I don’t know if my circle is right, but I’m considering it the center because T-centralen and all the shopping is there) is in pink. We didn’t walk all the way to the center ever, because we are just a little bit lazy, but taking the subway or bus takes under 10 minutes to get almost anywhere in the city.


Beth and I took the train from Sam’s together to Stadion where I got off, while she continued to take it back home to Uppsala. Bye Beth!!

Friday, Emily and I decided to take it easy because all I had been doing since I arrived in Stockholm was run around everywhere!

We decided to have lunch at Friday’s. For those of you who don’t know, Friday’s is an American restaurant and they have amazing food, if you’ve never had it you need to eat there soon. It turns out that both of our families love this restaurant and would always go there! For her it was only when her family was in America (she’s from Canada :D) but for me we would always go all the time.





I ordered the Jack Daniel’s chicken and bacon burger. Goshhhh, it tasted so good! Just as good as back home, but maybe that’s just because I haven’t had it for 3+ months.

After lunch we met up with my host sister, Erica, who was also in Stockholm at the time! She brought with her boyfriend Martin and Nick, an exchange student her family hosted some years ago who is now back studying in Sweden.

We had a fika at this cool underground cafe in Gamla Stan! It was cool to talk to Nick since he was also an exchange student in my town. He had a lot of good advice for me!

After fika we went back to Emily’s for dinner. It seems like all we did was eat. Oh wait, that kind of is all we did 😀

Emily’s host parents are super nice and she has the cutest little host brother who is a year old. Emily’s host parents even decorated the kitchen for a Halloween dinner! Complete with a pumpkin, fake spiders and spider webs!


And they bought candy and ice cream, that makes me really like her host family. Two of the ice creams were black licorice flavored although, ew!


On top of all the sweets her host family supplied, we also ended up buying candy of our own! What can I say, we really, really like candy. A lot.



That’s about it for Friday. A pretty chill day that turned out to be super fun! It was so good to catch up with Emily!

I was going to combine Friday and Saturday into one post but just Friday ended up being pretty long, so I will just post them separately for your sake!

Hej då!


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