Den Sista av Stockholm- Imagine Dragons Konsert

Finally, after almost a month writing about the trip, the last post about Stockholm comes now!

After Sunday, the last day spent I with Emily (read it here) I took a pendeltåg, or a commuter train, out  to Brömma where my friend Kate lives. Kate is also an exchange student, I met her at my Central States conference back home in the states. She is from Wisconsin, and we also had the same flights to Sweden!

Sunday night I arrived to Kate’s house a little bit late, so we didn’t do anything other than go buy candy. Typical.

Monday, I followed Kate to school. She only had one lesson and then got to leave to go to her Rotary meeting, which I also followed her to. I am actually quite jealous of where Kate’s Rotary has their meetings. They meet at this nice restaurant located in Gamla Stan.

IMG_4748The church in Gamla Stan.

IMG_4749A quick snap after the meeting was over. Not a very nice picture, but look at that chandelier, så fint!


It also had a nice ‘sitting room’ where the members could stand and chat before taking their seats for lunch.



Outside of the restaurant.

IMG_4754The smallest street in Stockholm.


The church in Gamla Stan again.


Kate’s family also has 3 cats. I wish my host family had animals! It was so nice to be around animals for the short period of time I was. This is a snapchat I sent to my friends, I thought it was funny so I saved it!

Tuesday, Kate had school, so I decided to do some shopping since I hadn’t at all while I had been there. First, before going all the way into central Stockholm, I got off with Kate and ate at a cafe by her school.


Kanelbullar och varm choklad!

After I ate, I walked back to the subway and figured out how to get to T-Centralen by myself! I’m so proud of how well I learned the subway system while I was there. It actually wasn’t hard, and after staying in 3 different places all around Stockholm, I learned how to get everywhere.

I did a little bit of shopping on Drottningatan (The Queens street) where there are many shops and is the main shopping street. Then I walked a few blocks to Östermalm, where I shopped on Biblioteksgatan. I really liked this area because it was nice and quiet and there was some really nice shops. I love just window shopping looking at the really expensive stores. The reason I went over to Biblioteksgatan was to go to Urban Outfitters. The UO was so cool there, the shop is in an old movie theater!



Inside Urban Outfitters.


After shopping, I took the subway back to Kate’s house and actually got there at the same time as Kate did. We then started getting ready to go to the Imagine Dragons concert!

I took so many pictures at the concert! It was general admission so all of my exchange friends and I were all able to be together. We got a pretty nice spot too, to the left of the stage, 2nd row so to say. I am just going to apologize for the crappy iPhone pictures now.


With Hannah and Kate before the concert!


The exchange students!

IMG_4779 - Copy




IMG_4782 - Copy

They had two cover bands, both were pretty good, but I don’t remember the bands names.

IMG_4794 - Copy

Imagine Dragons finally!

IMG_4832 - Copy

IMG_4838 - Copy

IMG_4839 - Copy

The group again!


They put on an amazing show!


There were so many people behind us! Thank God we were in the front!!



Confetti everywhere


One last picture of the amazing group who I went to the concert with!


We also met some band members from one of the cover bands!

Unfortunately, I took a ton of videos and I can’t upload them up here on my blog 😦 but if we are friends on facebook, I put one or two of them up awhile ago, and you can always ask and I can email it to anyone if you are interested! Imagine Dragons were so good, and now I can check something off of my exchange bucket list: go to a concert! I recommend you go to their concert if they tour near you!

Wednesday was my travel day. Kate had school again, and Hannah had also slept over at Kate’s house like I did after the concert. We were planning on taking a fika somewhere before I had to catch my train to the airport. Things took a turn for the better, I don’t really remember how either.

Somehow Starbucks came up, and Hannah knew there was one in the Arlanda airport. It turns out that it is free if you are under 18 to ride the Arlanda express, the train that takes you from T-centralen to the airport. So that being said, Hannah followed with me to the airport! We got to the terminal we thought it was in, and it said that the Starbucks was behind the gate, which didn’t work because we didn’t have tickets for that terminal. We were really upset when we found this out, but we didn’t give up.

After some investigating, we found another Starbucks in a different terminal, that you didn’t have to pass through security to get to!

After more than 3 months we were reunited with our true love..









Of course, I had to get a venti, who knows when I’ll have it again. I was actually debating bringing another one on the plane with me, but I didn’t. See I have self-control.

We had plenty of time to eat and relax and enjoy our time together!

About 45 minutes before my flight we parted ways, Hannah took the train back to Stockholm and I eventually boarded my flight to Luleå.



It was a nice flight.


I came home to plenty of snow and cold air. Mind you that there was absolutely no snow in Stockholm and the weather was pretty nice. But I think that this sunset made up for it kind of, don’t you? I traveled home by bus and got home late Wednesday night, I was so tired!

I’m going to end it with my favorite picture I took at the concert.. It’s a classic concert picture, I think


We have finally come to an end of blog posts about my trip to Stockholm over höstlov! I think it was such a great experience for me! Stockholm is such a beautiful city with cobblestone streets and sea-front views. It was great to spend my höstlov in a wonderful city with some wonderful exchange students. I am so happy to have met so many new people and got to see some not so old friends!

Thank you, again, to everyone who hosted me while I was staying in Stockholm 🙂

Hej då, nu gjort vi med Höstlov inlägg! Nu på senare aktiviteter!!


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