November Månad

Pretty much the whole month of November I have been writing posts about my time over fall break in Stockholm, so now it’s time to share what I did during the month of November!


White snow and light blue skies make it look like a Winter Wonderland.




In this post you will discover that I have an addiction to taking pictures of the sky.


The first Saturday after I came home from Stockholm, I went to my friends house and had a game night. We played the game Med Andra Ords (with other words), basically you draw a word and you have to explain the word you drew out, with other words beside the one on the token, so your partner can guess it. It was really funny to watch and to play it!


On that Sunday, my host family and I went and ate Palt at a Palt festival in Koskullskulle. Palt is a special Swedish dish made of potatoes and served with lingon berries and bacon. I think eventually I am going to make a separate post explaining more about it and some other Swedish foods!


My host sister Erica, taken on my birthday 🙂 (read about my Swedish birthday here)


My host dad Mats, his girlfriend Ingela, Erica and I went out for a fika on the Saturday after my birthday at Bageri Baktanke. This is probably my favorite thing to eat ever. It is chocolate brownie on the bottom and chocolate mousse on the top. It’s so good that I couldn’t resist taking a bite before I took a picture.


Going through records, just had to document Chicagoooo because of hometown pride.



Saturday night, I had a taco night at my host dad’s house with some of my friends!


That night I played Med Andra Ords again, it was different people I played it with on the Saturday before, so no this is not all we do! But it is a pretty fun game!


Sunday, Ingela and I made pepparkakor (gingerbread cookies). Most of them came out good but as you can see some of them got a little burnt. That would be because I made them too thin. You can also tell which ones I made: the weird animals.


Getting into the Christmas mood, we drank some glögg and ate the pepparkakor we made. Glögg translates to mulled and spiced wine, although the one we drank was non-alcoholic. I think I will add glögg to the list of Swedish food to post about soon. This was my first time drinking glögg, and I am still unsure if I like it or not, I think it takes some getting used to.


Walking to my Swedish class at 12p.m.


Walking from my Swedish class around 3:30p.m.

IMG_5187My school had an open house for the incoming students. It was actually more fun than I expected it to be, all of the different lines (media, science, technology, etc) set up a booth where the younger students not at the high school could see what we do.

This is a picture of my friend, Matilda, who is in the science line, they had an experiment show. I also got to do the experiment, you stuck your hand in something (I have no idea what it was) and you then stuck your hand through the fire and your hand catches on fire, and then you put it out with the other cylinder of something else. It was scary because they didn’t tell me exactly what was going to happen, but I’m a total pyromaniac, I love fire!


Above is a picture in the Gällivare newspaper of some classmates (and my host sister) and I taking our turn working at the Psychology and Media booth.

That week, I also made a trip to Boden, which is about a hour 45 minutes, to get my visa card done. Basically, I applied for my visa before I came, and was approved, but this was to get an identification card for it. A member of my Rotary drove me there and then I took the train back home. We were in Boden for not even an hour and a half.




It was a beautiful car and train ride although. Mountains and a sunrise, I don’t know if I love anything more.


That Friday, I had a fika with Amy and Stina, two friends from class. Amy went to America/Canada over fall break so I wanted to hear about her trip! After the fika I had another fika with Mats and Ingela. Then I went back to Amy’s house where we talked about politics and other things for a very long time. The picture above is Kladdkaka with an outrageous amount of vanilla sauce on top.


That night at Amy’s we also had some other friends over to make s’mores! It was so cozy to sit by the fireplace and eat them and watch Swedish Idol.


What an awful picture, but they put up a huge Christmas tree in the center of Gällivare.

winter games 293

The day after, two classmates (one was the other exchange student, Celine) and I went into downtown Gällivare to cover the Santa Winter Games for the school newspaper. There will be a whole separate post on this day. It was super fun because the Santa’s were international, kind of like exchange students. It was hilarious to watch and be a part of.


After the games, my classmates and I went for a fika at Alla Tiders. It was full and we ended up sitting in the back, and that’s when I noticed there was a Mustang on the wall. For those of you who don’t know, I love cars, Mustangs in general. Oh how I miss my car and being able to drive!


When we were done with fika, I went to my friend Josefine’s house. She made me try gravad lax (raw cured/marinated salmon) because she likes it. I am not a fish person in the first place, and let’s just say it tastes like you took the fish right out of the water and decided to eat it whole.


Later we went to Ilona’s house to have another taco night (wow looking back now we have tacos a lot). I love going to Ilona’s because she has the most adorable black cat!




Sunday, Celine and I went up to Dundret to cover more Santa stuff for media. There wasn’t much going on this day so we took a fika instead.

IMG_5247I was informed who was in the costume! If you’re reading this you were a great bear!


Sunday night dinner: this yummy pasta I do not know the name of!


Of course after dinner, we had glögg and pepparkakor! (Look it’s a camel!)


Break time in-between classes because one of the lessons was cancelled, we went to Elin’s and ate chocolate and drank tea. This Mint krokant (brittle) Marabou chocolate is THE.BEST.THING.EVER.


Some of the Christmas decorations are up!


Last week mormor and morfar were here because my host mom went to Iceland (yeah we were all completely jealous of her). We drank this blueberry glögg and gosh it was so good!


I made my host sister a super awesome mixtape for her car because she doesn’t have many CD’s in it.



Another upcoming post is Thanksgiving! My friends and I decided to have a Thanksgiving dinner. It was a hectic and fun day, and it was so much work but in the end worth it! More on it soon!


I now own a “real” winter jacket, thanks mom & dad! (P.S. my parents think that North Faces aren’t real jackets, mine definitely wasn’t warm enough for the weather here but iI could get away with wearing it most of the winter back home.)


IMG_5312I finally have a pair of downhill skis! Tack till Piotr and Lars for loaning them to me and helping getting them ready to ski!


With Hanna and Therese! Am I really THAT white? :/


I watched Matilda’s Rotary presentation about her exchange year in Mexico. It was so interesting to hear about it and I love her because she let me wear her sombrero.

That is all for the month of November, although I still have more to fill you in about like the Santa Winter Games and our Thanksgiving. Those posts will come soon! November was a great month and now we are in Christmas mood since it’s December! Hopefully more great stuff to come soon!

Hej då november, och välkommen december och jul!


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