Thanksgiving Middag

For some crazy reason, my Swedish friends and I decided to have a Thanksgiving dinner!

I have never cooked, let alone even helped cook, a Thanksgiving dinner. So this was kind of a first for everyone.

The first mission was finding a Thanksgiving turkey. In Sweden they don’t normal eat the big turkey for holidays, usually just a big ham. We thought it would be hard to find one, but it turned out that they had frozen ones at ICA. A few of the girls and I went shopping two nights before for all of the food we would need. One thing we could not find was gravy, we weren’t even sure what it was in Swedish because it translated to something weird.

We held our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday the 29th, the day after we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US.

Some of the girls came over early to help me start cooking. It was good because I definitely could not have done it myself!

thanksgiving 006

Everyone had to document this.

thanksgiving 007

Special shout out to Elin for getting the turkey ready! You are brave.

thanksgiving 014

thanksgiving 016

At one point, we decided to name the turkey. His name was Bruce.

thanksgiving 018

It was very hectic having a lot of people all trying to cook at once.

thanksgiving 020thanksgiving 025We forgot to tie his legs together, oops. (but does that even matter)

Those of us cooking also found out what they mean when they say it’s stressful to get all of the food done at the same time. We were all running around the kitchen shouting at each other.

thanksgiving 027

But finally after much hard work, we did it!

thanksgiving 029 So grateful to have such a wonderful group of friends!

thanksgiving 032

thanksgiving 035

I think we made the perfect amount of food!

thanksgiving 036

thanksgiving 038


thanksgiving 049

Apple pie for desert!

We were so hungry that once the food was done, we ate immediately (It was around 8 that we started eating). After everyone was done, we all said something we were thankful for. After all, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, so we thought it was a good idea to do it. After someone said anything we all awwwwed about it. I am personally thankful for all of my friends and family here in Sweden, everyone has been so nice and generous to me, and honestly words cannot explain how grateful I am to know all of you! ❤

thanksgiving 039

thanksgiving 040

thanksgiving 041

thanksgiving 043

thanksgiving 053

thanksgiving 054

thanksgiving 062

Thanksgiving dinner was a success! Thank you everyone who came and helped, it was a fantastic night that I definitely won’t forget, love you all!

Also big thank you to Buffy, my neighbor back home in the States, I definitely couldn’t have done it without all of your advice on how to cook everything!!


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