Santa Winter Games

If you think there is ANYTHING funnier to watch than around 20 Santa Clauses dancing to Gangnam Style, you are insanely wrong.

A few weeks ago, I attended the Santa Winter Games. Santa Clauses from all around the world came here to Gällivare, Sweden to compete for the title of “Santa of the Year”.

For those of you who don’t know, I am in the media line here at school, so that’s how I had the opportunity to be kind of ‘behind the scenes’ for the event.

The Santa Winter Games were so much fun to watch, there was never a dull moment watching all of these energetic Santas compete for the prize of “Santa of the Year”. The Santa who had the most accumulated points from all five competitions won the title.

To kick off the day of the games, there was a small parade though the main street of town into the competition area. The Santas from all around the world handed out flags, candy and all other sorts of things to the young children.

winter games 036

winter games 049

winter games 057

Once in the arena, there was an introduction of all of the Santas. The first competition, out of five total, was reindeer riding. They had to stay on the reindeer for as long as possible. Similar to bull riding, but of course Santa Clause rides reindeer (specifically Rudolf).

winter games 084

winter games 107

winter games 112

The second competition in the games was porridge eating. It was simple, the Santa who ate their porridge the fastest won this part of the games. They sat on benches covered with Reindeer pelts, how cozy!

winter games 178

winter games 160

The thrid competition was stacking presents. There were multiple rounds of this competition because there were so many Santas competing. Who ever stacked their presents the highest went onto the next round of the present stacking. The catch was, each Santa could only take one present at a time from the middle of the arena back to their stack. In the final of the present stacking, both competitors had a ladder and they added the presents one by one at the same time. The Santa who’s presents fell first, lost.

winter games 193

winter games 203

winter games 218

winter games 244

The fourth competition was a race. The Santas would start at the far end of the arena and go by sled (think of a scooter you used as a kid, where you push it with your foot) to the middle, spin around a few times with their head on a large candy cane, then run to the finish line.

winter games 267

The last and final competition was a dance-off. This, I think, was the most enjoyable competition of the games. They had a Santa mix of dance music playing (Christmas time Gangnam Style and more remixes) which also made me want to dance along. I’m telling you, these Santas were pretty much professional dancers! I never, ever thought that Santa could dance like this, they all proved me wrong. There will be a video coming soon which will portray the awesome dance competition better than pictures do.

winter games 277

winter games 288

winter games 302

After the dance competition, the results were in for Santa of the Year. (drum roll please)

winter games 343

Third place was Santa Norway, second was Santa Holland (my personal favorite was Holland, he was so merry!) and first place was Santa Banana (Hong Kong).

What a jolly festival this was! It made me very excited for Christmastime. The Santas were all a pleasure to be around, they were there to make the children happy and I think they sure accomplished their mission.

Below is a gallery of the pictures I took, if you are interesting in looking at them. Simply click on the picture to make it bigger, or scroll over the picture to see the caption if there is one.

 God jul till alla! Jag hoppas att alla haft denna jul inlägg, mer om jul kommer snart!

Merry Christmas to all! I hope everyone enjoyed this post, more about Christmas coming soon!


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