Stockholm Subway Stations

This post is very overdue! While I was in Stockholm during höstlov (fall break), I traveled mostly by subway, or tunnelbana in Swedish.

Now some of you may think, okay aren’t subway stations gross and full of rats, why are you making a whole post about them? Maybe that is true for some, but definitely not for Stockholm. Most of the stations in Stockholm are a work of art (about 90/110). “They are decorated with sculptures, mosaics, paintings, installations, engravings and reliefs by over 150 artists” (source). The project started in 1950 and has developed over the years where the project finished in the 2000’s. The Stockholm subway system is the world’s longest art exhibition at 110km/68m!



hostlov 198


Tiled patterns are found on the green and red lines at T-centralen. This station was the only station in the 50’s to incorporate art immediately in the design. This tiled design is almost everywhere in T-centralen except the bottom level, which is the blue line. The design for the blue line at T-centralen is blue vines, flowers, and workers.

hostlov 575

hostlov 576

hostlov 550

hostlov 549

hostlov 548


hostlov 554

hostlov 563

hostlov 559

hostlov 561

hostlov 557

Hallonbergen is a station on the blue line (Akalla). This station features enlarged children’s drawings and figures. It has sort of a candy colors theme. I personally thought it was kind of creepy, but cool, with all of the drawings and writing. This one is cool to check out if you are interested!


hostlov 552

hostlov 5453

Akalla is also on the blue line, and is the last stop on this branch of the blue line. Akalla has paintings which show the daily life style of men and women.

Solna Centrum

hostlov 568

Solna Centrum is also on the blue line, and is the first stop on the Akalla branch of the line. This station is a red and green cave with motifs from the 1970’s in Sweden (rural depopulation, environmental movement, etc). Unfortunately, we didn’t get out at this stop, so I only have one picture, but from the subway it looks pretty cool. If I was there again, I would go look at it more.

Västra Skogen

hostlov 572

hostlov 569

hostlov 571

hostlov 574

Västra skogen is a station on the blue line where the line splits into two branches. Västra skogen is said to have repeated faces in profile in the cement, but I didn’t catch that (and we were walking around there for like 10 minutes). It also features tiles and unknown figures shown in the 3rd picture. Apparently, Sweden’s longest escalator is also on this stop!


hostlov 195hostlov 196

  The Östermalmstorg station connects two of the branches of the red line. The theme of the station is women’s rights and the peace and environmental movements. The music of the Internationale and the Marseillaises is included as well as some of the names of the most famous men and women. 



This is one I snapped while we were on the subway. I have no idea what station this is, but we were going to Kungsträdgården. It turned out being a pretty artsy shot with my friend Sam accidentally in it. It was also taken on Halloween as has a spooky, mysterious feel to it.


hostlov 079

hostlov 081The last station I have to share is Stadion, which is on the red line (Mörby Centrum). Pictured is my exchange student friend Beth! This is my favorite station I saw my whole trip. It is a big rainbow in the center of the station and the light blue color with what looks like lightning throughout the rest of it! 

Big thanks to Emily who spent a night traveling with me on the subway to find some cool stations! And also shout out to Judi for telling me how cool the subway stations were supposed to be before I took my trip!

This is obviously not all of the stations in the subway system, this was just a few! I didn’t have time to go to many of them, but the ones I did go to/pass though were really cool and the history and art makes me want to go back to Stockholm eventually and explore the subway stations more!

If you want to check out more information on the Stockholm subway system here are the sources I used! Source 1, Source 2, Source 3 and a map of the subway stations.


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