Första Svenska Jul

I celebrated my first Swedish Christmas with my host dad, Mats, Ingela, and my host siblings!

christmas 1 051

Swede’s celebrate Christmas on the 24th (Christmas Eve), so on Christmas Eve’s eve we set up the Christmas tree!


We baked a gingerbread house!

christmas 1 040

The gingerbread house completed.

christmas 1 038

Preparing Christmas dinner


The Santa put in my bed to make sure I slept!

Christmas morning (Christmas Eve morning actually) we all woke up and emptied our stockings that Santa left us. Having a stocking here isn’t a normal thing, but both of my host parents were exchange students in America, so they brought the tradition back with them.

After we emptied our stockings we ate breakfast.


We ate rice porridge for breakfast. We put cinnamon, sugar, and milk in the porridge.

A little while after we ate breakfast, we went to friends of my host parents (who actually live in China but were back home for Christmas, how cool) to go play in the snow.

Excuse the crappy quality of these pictures



Sledding down the hill!


I found out that it’s a lot of fun to jump in the snow. It’s so deep in the untouched parts. We have like 12 inches so it’s very soft and fluffy (and cold).


My host dad


Filip, my host brother




We stayed there for about an hour, then went home to get ready for dinner.


At 3p.m. every year they have a Christmas cartoon special on, it is a bunch of Disney cartoon clips like Cinderella and Donald Duck. It is a tradition to all sit and watch it every year for my host family!


A little fika while we watched. Christmas bread, Saffron bark, gingerbread cookies, toffee, and glögg

christmas 1 052

My host siblings

christmas 1 085

christmas 1 087

Sisters before Christmas dinner!

christmas 1 056

It was just the 6 of us in the immediate family eating dinner, which was quite cozy without so many people.

christmas 1 048Julbord!

I am going to make a separate post just about Christmas food!

christmas 1 055Guess what this is? You’ll never get it, so I’ll just tell you, it’s reindeer heart. Yup, not kidding. 

christmas 1 065

I was kind of scared to try it..

christmas 1 066

It was actually pretty good if you could get over the fact that it was reindeer heart. I couldn’t really get over that though!

christmas 1 063

talking to Erica

christmas 1 074

Julbord round 2

When we were all stuffed, we moved to the living room to open presents. They have one person be “Santa” and hand out the presents so not everyone is trying to get them at once, and you can see what each person received. This year it was Mats!

christmas 1 091

christmas 1 092

It was really nice and cozy! Om ni läser det här, tack så mycket! De julklappar jag fick var så trevligt!!

I received a Swedish shirt, a shirt, a Dala horse Christmas ordainment, chocolate, a CD, a Swedish cookbook and more! Tack!!

IMG_5736For dessert we had this cake (which just might be my favorite type of cake ever, it’s up there with Princess cake) from a bakery. This one had orange mousse, with a brownie bottom, plus blueberries, lingon berries, and chocolate on top! So soso yummy. The rest of the night we just hung out and played trivial pursuit also.

The next day we went to my host mom’s to celebrate Christmas #2. Post coming on that soon!

My first Swedish Christmas was so much fun! It was definitely different for me in someways, but maybe I will touch on those in another post (an obvious way was the food!) I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas as well, and that Santa brought everything on your Christmas list! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Första Svenska Jul

  1. Kudos for trying the reindeer heart! It will be a nice story you will be be able to tell your whole life! I tried moose heart before and it was okay, taste-wise, but I couldn’t get over the super fine texture, it melted in your mouth almost like pressed powder!

    1. Thanks, kudos to you too! When they get some, they are going to have me try moose tongue, which is apparently very good, who know’s they might bring some moose heart to the table too.. Oh Sweden!

  2. Glad to hear that you had a great Christmas! Love reading your blog posts! Keep it up! So proud of you and how you are doing on exchange. You are being a great ambassador for us. Keep that up, too! (And you get special kudos in my book for eating the reindeer heart. Way to go!)

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