Andra Svensk Jul

On what I consider Christmas day (the 25th) we went to my host mom’s to celebrate Christmas. This celebration was a little bit bigger, with my host mom, Gunilla, her boyfriend Micke, the host siblings (including Micke’s daughter Emilie), my host grandparents (mommo & moffo), Micke’s parents, and Nick, who was an exchange student here in Gällivare about 3 years ago, who came back to visit/was studying here.

I guess I’ll start with when we kind of started to get ready for Christmas. Saturday the 21st, the whole family helped to make Christmas candy.



There’s two types of fudge, “Cookie Whoopies” (chocolate chip cookie sandwiches with chocolate and peanut butter mixture in the middle), caramel with candy cane, and knäck (which I will explain more in my Swedish food post).

Then at night, my host siblings and I put up and decorated the Christmas tree.




As you might have noticed with both of my posts, we seem to put up the tree inside the house super late (just before Christmas). It’s normal to do that here, and they don’t take the tree down until 20 days after Christmas.

Now pictures from Christmas day celebration.

In the morning when we came back to my host moms, Santa had left things in our stockings again! Santa was on top of things this year. He left me a purple amethyst beaded bracelet and a magazine!

christmas 2 002

Big tables because of so many people!

christmas 2 003

So many presents under the tree!


christmas 2 004

eggs with cream and caviar/shrimp, herring and other fish in the jars.

christmas 2 005

These ones are the best, I think..

christmas 2 006


christmas 2 007

christmas 2 008

christmas 2 009


Now for the “main course”

christmas 2 015

christmas 2 016

Meatballs and sausage

christmas 2 023

It was very good food because Mommo made it! She is the best cook ever.

christmas 2 024

After dinner, we waited for Santa to come.

christmas 2 025

christmas 2 028

Santa brought me socks from Iceland, where my host parents recently went, hmm quite suspicious if you ask me.. 

christmas 2 030

Had to get a picture with Santa!

After Santa came, we started to open the family presents under the tree. Just like when I celebrated with my host dad, one person was “Santa” and handed out the presents to everyone, so it wasn’t rushed and we saw what everyone got.

christmas 2 037

“Santa” was Gunilla

christmas 2 036

christmas 2 038

Mommo & Filip opening a present.

I was given another Swedish cookbook, a Sami braided bracelet, an “S” charm for my charm bracelet, chocolate, a necklace, and a few small things. Tack så mycket till alla, julklappar var så fint!!

After we opened all of our presents, we ate desert!

christmas 2 042

I think this was a citron cheesecake with cloudberries also! It was so delicious!!

It was a great day surrounded by my amazing host family! It kind of felt more like Christmas to me that day, maybe because it was actually Christmas day for me. Or maybe because of all the people, I normally celebrate with my whole family (grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins and my immediate family) so it’s quite chaotic.

Either way, both of my Christmases ended up being just wonderful! The Christmases we’re both unique to me. It was great to see how they celebrate Christmas in Sweden. It had it’s differences from what I was used to, but in the end we all celebrate Christmas for the same reason. Tack så mycket till alla vem gjorde min svensk jul så bra!


2 thoughts on “Andra Svensk Jul

  1. I really like to follow your blog posts, and couldn’t help noticing the way you spelled “mommo” and “moffo”: is it the way your hosties actually call them or did you misspell “mormor” and “morfar”? Well either ways, it’s really fun to see how it is to live all the way up :D.

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