Svensk Julmat

Being foreign during Christmas there is so much new food for me to try! In this post I am going to tell you a little bit about Swedish Christmas food!



christmas 2 049Julmust is specific Swedish Christmastime soda drink. Some people say it is supposed to taste like Rootbeer, but I don’t think so really. I can’t even explain the taste, it is unlike anything I have drank before. When I first tried it, it wasn’t my favorite, it kind of has this weird taste where you think sometime is wrong with the soda. After the second time I drank it though, I began to think that it was good. Whenever I went out somewhere in the month of December, I always ordered Julmust, and drank it if we had it at home. They also use the same Julmust taste for Easter but it is called påstmust. Coca-cola has been trying to compete with Julmust but Swedes say it will always be Julmust on the Julbord.


lannavaara 025

I have mentioned glögg before, and it translates to mulled and/or spiced wine. About 2 weeks before December started and the whole month of December we have been drinking glögg. The first time I tried it I wasn’t quite sold. It had a very strong taste. But we kept having it all the time so I eventually started to like the taste of it. The flavored glögg (I’ve tried blueberry and lingon berry) are amazingly good! To drink glögg you must put almonds and raisins in it! You usually eat gingerbread cookies and saffron buns with glögg.


Julbord translates to Christmas dinner. You can find fish, ham, and all other assortments on the table. I am going to mention the special things below.

christmas 1 048


christmas 1 074

Maybe the most important part of Christmas meal is the ham. It is one of the main dishes to the Christmas dinner. The ham is cured, boiled and breaded with mustard, bread crumbs, and egg. It is served with applesauce or mustard, and you can also eat it sliced on julbröd (Christmas bread). I think it is delicious with the mustard, mums!

Prinskorv & Köttbullar

christmas 2 016writing

Prinskorv are sausages, they kind of look like mini hot dogs. When compared to American hot dogs though, they’re a joke. So don’t do that. Köttbullar are meat balls. I’m sure almost everyone has head of Swedish meatballs, Sweden is basically known for them. They are freaking delicious just like you would think they would be!


christmas 1 055

Reindeer heart, sounds kind of gross right, especially on Christmas? I tried it and it’s actually pretty good. It isn’t just a Christmas thing, and it is apparently even better dried.



christmas 2 052

Knäck is probably my favorite candy out of everything I tried. It translates to toffee, but knäck is very hard when you first start to eat it and gets to a softer toffee-like consistency after you chew for awhile. You can also put stuff in it like nuts (we used pistachio). There are different flavors you can make of them too, like licorice and vanilla.


Translates to Christmas Santa. These are candies that are soft and chewy in the shape of a Santa. They come in an original flavor and a knäck flavor. These are so amazingly good, their existence makes me extremely happy. My host sister, Emma, told me that they are even better frozen, and gosh she was right!



Lussebullar are these bread rolls shaped like an infinity sign or a side ways 8 with two raisins in them. Although they aren’t always shaped like this, but it is the traditional way. You can also make them into a shape like cinnamon rolls. They are made from saffron. Saffron is a spice that is derived from a flower called Crocus. It requires 100,000-150,000 crocuses, that must be handpicked and cleaned by hand to make ONE kilogram of saffron. Saffron is the most expensive spice for this reason.



Pepparkakor translates to gingerbread cookies! We have these in America, but here we have literally ate them so much! We eat them with glögg, and put blue cheese on them (The one in the picture is pear blue cheese, I think). Here they make them thin so they are crispy.

Choklad Adventskalander




A tradition here is to buy a chocolate advent calender at the beginning of December. Each day, up to Christmas, you open the flap with that days date, and get a little piece of chocolate! I would think we have these in America, but I have never seen them before, such a good idea for someone like me who loves sugar.

That is all of the yummy food I got to try during the Christmas holiday. It was all so good to eat!


5 thoughts on “Svensk Julmat

  1. As a long time veggie, reindeer heart is definitely not tempting me back to the dark side 🙂
    I am hoping to start to learn Swedish in the new year, so appreciate your translations.
    Have a good new year.

    1. lycka till med din svensk! (good luck with your Swedish). Om du ha några frågor jag kan försök att hjälp du, men jag är ännu lära också! (If you have any questions I can try to help you, but I am still learning myself!

  2. Thanks for sharing all your Swedish food experiences! Most of it… sound great 🙂 I applaud you for giving everything a serious try 😀 Have a wonderful årsskifte! (google is hopefully my friend ;))

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