December Månad

This post is just a collection of all the random things I have done during the month of December, with photos from my iPhone.

Of course this isn’t everything I have done this month, just the little things 🙂 I have went to Finland this month, participated in the Lucia choir, had two Swedish Christmases, and celebrated New Years. There are different post just about those things!

Just a warning but this post is about 90% pictures of mountains and food. The other 10% is pictures of cats. My life is awesome.



The first day of December, my host family and I went downhill skiing. It was my first time skiing on Dundret and it was a lot of fun!


Of course this post is about December, love the beautiful Christmas decorations!


One day when we got out of school early, some friends and I came back to my house and made scones and watched Shrek.


Christmas candy bags! Penguins skiing, is there really anything cuter than that?


This month I also made it though the darkest day of the year. I think we had like an hour of sunlight on the 21st. But from that day on it keeps getting brighter. The whole “24 hour” darkness thing really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It felt normal, but maybe I just got used to it. Now I can’t wait for 24 hour sunlight in the summer!!


I met my next host family and had dinner with them. We ate this chocolate mousse for dessert in the picture above. It was amazingly good. I can’t wait to move to my new host family, but it will be sad to leave the family I am with now too! My next host family is really excited for me to come, it seems like, so it sounds like it will be great there! I will have two twin host sisters who are about 14, and a little host brother who is 6 (that will be different for me!). I move on January 20th, but I’m sure I will write about it when it happens.


I love this pizza combination so much. Bacon, Ham, Salami ❤





I was walking to my friends house, and I saw this cat. I have cats at home and am not really ever around animals here because my host family is allergic to them. So I called this cat and it came right up to me, so I was outside petting it for like 10 minutes debating whether or not to take it home with me.


My friends little brother plays hockey, and I saw this Chicago poster in one of his hockey magazines. Of course I had to redecorate his room and put i right above his bed, because it’s the Blackhawks.


Julan you’re just beautiful



IMG_5499 In my Media class we tested all kinds of Christmas food to find what brand was the best. We had about 3 different brands of Julmust, Chocolates, Juleskum, pepparkakor, and lussebullar (if you don’t know what any of this is maybe you should read my Swedish Christmas food post). If I have a reason for being in media it is this, and that I get to take pictures all the time. We had so much left over food that we got to fika with it the next like 3 days. It was for an article for the school newspaper, so the school paid for all of it. It was awesome.



Elin, this mug is so pretty, I want it



IMG_5534Like I said before, I participated in the Lucia choir, and these are just some pictures of the beautiful church we had it in! It was so cozy!


Bageri Baktankte you make the best little cakes ever. This one was white chocolate mousse and a chocolate brownie bottom.


I forget exactly what these are called but it has saffron in it and then a creme in the middle. It was super good! Was drinking a Chai Latte, am pretty much addicted to them, they’re so good!





Malmberget also has this super cute Advent Christmas market every Sunday until Christmas. It is in these old houses that were, I’m pretty sure, one of the first houses built in Malmberget an extremely long time ago. They were so cool, old and cozy. They have vendors, I guess, that sell things they have made, and there is also a cafe where you can warm up and fika.



Chai Latte and a Vanilla Macaroon


IMG_5635Above is the Church we had Lucia in. It is so beautiful!

IMG_5642This is the museum in Gällivare, and they have an Advent calender in the windows. Whatever date it was they added it in a window up to Christmas!

IMG_5646Celine, the other exchange student from Germany, and I went Christmas shopping!

IMG_5681IMG_5686We went back to the Christmas markets on the last weekend because my host sister, Erica, and her boyfriend were performing there. Ni var jätteduktig!!


IMG_5691IMG_5707IMG_5708We had a birthday fika for my friend Therese! Ah the food she had was so yummy, including Princess cake, I was stuffed when we left!

IMG_5738Some Christmas presents, my host family gave me the “S” charm on the charm bracelet. The top one I also received for Christmas from mommo och moffo, it is a Sami bracelet. And the bottom beaded amethyst bracelet Santa brought me. Stort tack!!


Ingela gave me this Swedish cookbook that is in English which is good because that means all of the measurements are ones I can actually use! I am hoping to get some good use out of this book!! Tack!


As I said before, Santa brought me these socks. Suspicious, but I love them they are purple and warm, Santa must know me pretty well.



This is my friend Emma’s cat, and her cat was really fat and cute.




I mean of course I took a selfie with a cat, it is completely normal I’m sure. I think I’m having cat withdrawals. I need something fuzzy and cute in my life!


I look like a robber so I was pretending to steal her cat.



Some friends and I had a little gift exchange. Gosh you guys are the sweetest! You definitely did not have to get me anything, I’m sorry my gifts were so lame! Tack så mycket! We also played Wii sports and I can say that I am a really sore loser and don’t like to play golf.

In December I have also traveled to Luleå and celebrated New Years. I am going to make separate posts about them soon!

The month of December was so much fun! I can’t begin to say how thankful I am to be living here in Sweden! Christmas and New Years were great, but I also had so many fun times just sitting around with my friends doing almost nothing. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this month great, now it’s January and it’s a new year. Can’t wait to see what’s in store!


11 thoughts on “December Månad

  1. Hey girl,
    I’m a Swedish exchange student that’s in Ohio right now and I just wanted to tell you how fun I think it is to read your blog. It’s really interesting to read about what you think about different Swedish foods and tradition haha. I hope you enjoy your time in Sweden!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I started reading you blog too, and it is really cool to see what you’re up to, really close to where my home is (Illinois so two states over!). It must be so cool going to Disney for the first time (I’m assuming it was your first). Ha det så kul i Ohio 🙂

  2. Thanks for the super nice gallery of your December month. It’s obvious you love food, people, cats, and Sweden! I hadn’t realised you switch family in January. I hope I haven’t missed you telling it already, but will you go to a totally different part of the country? Good luck with saying goodbyes and enjoy the new adventures that will be coming!

    1. All of the Rotary exchange students usually have 3 host families, but usually always stay in the same town/area 🙂 So I will have two more host families plus the one I have now! Only a few semi-goodbyes for now! It’s weird because I think Rotary is the only exchange program where the students have more than one host family, am I right?

      1. Hi! I’m not sure how things work at other exchange organisations, but at the one we hosted for it’s indeed normal for a student to stay at one family.

        There are many students from Belgium in this particular program that stay with two families for 4 months each, but in two different countries. Our exchange student went home for 20 days during Christmas break and will be leaving for Ireland soon.

        Students that stay for a year tho normally stay with one family. We do hear now and then that a student switches family, but that’s always because there’s no “match” or the circumstances in the family changed unexpectedly.

        It’s nice that you’re staying in the same area, I’d think. Do you agree?

      2. I think it’s nice to stay in the one country too, so you get to experience all of the holidays and everything.. although it would be pretty cool to have exchanged in two different countries in one year!

        I think it’s nice I am staying in the same area, I can not imagine saying goodbye to all of the people I have meet here just yet! It would be cool to see how people live, say, in the south too though, since I am all the way in the north, it could be a difference. But I am glad to be staying up here, I absolutely love it and there are still things I want to do up here! 🙂

        How was it saying goodbye to your exchange student? I’m sure that must have been tough! Not looking forward to that part at all, but it happens eventually.

      3. From what I hear and read, I’d think culture and language wise an exchange in the same country for an entire year is indeed best. We as a family tho are not sure if we’d like to share our home for an entire year like that. I hope it doesn’t sound too unfriendly 😉 but that’s just how we feel about it. Probably also because we normally don’t have children living with us.

        The Rotary solution sounds wonderful, you staying for a year, but with several families. You get to know so many people and ways of living, especially in the same area. Do students “rotate” between the families in that area? Or does your family not get another student once you leave?

        Our student leaving was not that super tough, really. We’ve written a bit about it in our final posting of 2013. To be honest, I think we didn’t “bond” as much as you and other exchange students we’re following have. We’ll write more about it soon, but our student would have been better off in a different kind of program. We made the most of it and had a good time, but we suspect we could’ve had a more motivated student.

        No regrets tho and we’ve learned a lot from each other and as a host family and what our wishes for the future would be.

        Enjoy and good luck with your transfer!

  3. Hello!
    I follow your blog in Portugal.
    Like a lot of pictures and text.
    It would be possible to talk more about the town center?
    It would be possible to do more posts about school?
    Thank you

  4. Really enjoy reading this blog, and even being a Swede myself, from the far south, in Sölvesborg, Blekinge län (look that up on a map, not so far from Denmark), I have actually never been to the north, absolutely will some day though, but the far north in Gällivare is about as far from me as Italy. By the way, where in Finland were you? Would be fun to see a post about that as well, cheers!

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