Jullov- Luleå

Last weekend, 3 of my friends and I went to Luleå for the weekend.

Luleå has the best shopping in our area, even though it is about 3 hours by train. It is on the coast of the Baltic on the east of Sweden.

Friday morning when I was supposed to catch my train, we had a little bit of miss-communication, so I ended up leaving quite late for my train. It was actually kind of fun, we had to race to get there and I literally got there right as they were blowing the last call horn. I’m making the best out of it, I’m just happy I made it some how! Now I know better from it.

So I guess one of the main reasons we went to Luleå was to go shopping. They had many sales because it was right after Christmas.

First thing we did when we got off the train was leave our bag at the hotel. Then we went for a fika!


I ate this super adorable cake. It was like an individual princess cake, and it looks like Kermit the frog! I almost didn’t want to eat it, almost. And the drink is a Latte.

Then after fika we started shopping. Most things were majorly discounted, so I did find a few things of course. I am a girl.. Shopping is kind of my weak spot. But anyways, it was kind of a hassle to get through the stores because of all the people but I got some nice things so it was worth it.

When we got tired and needed a food break, we went to Max! If you don’t know, Max is like the McDonald’s of Sweden, even though they do have a few McDonald’s here. Most Swedes prefer Max over all other fast food restaurants.

IMG_5764 It had been so long since I had good french fries. Not the soggy ones served at school.


haha Stina, you are so cute!

After we ate we did some more shopping, then eventually went back to the hotel, checked in and relaxed.


This was the view from our hotel room, it’s a bad picture, but we had a nice view of the Baltic Sea.


Swiss Chocolate ❤

For dinner we booked a reservation at O’Leary’s. Olles is a sports bar/restaurant and it reminded me of America so much. Restaurants like this in Sweden are usually pretty expensive. This O’Leary’s is actually the biggest one in Sweden (or the world, pretty sure they’re a Swedish chain). It has a movie theater, bowling ally, game room, and of course the restaurant/bar.

IMG_5772IMG_5771There was hockey on TV also so I was completely loving this place.


IMG_5784They had “American” food: Baby back ribs, steak, burgers, you name it.


I ordered the pepper steak and a baked potato. This meal was amazingly delicious, I ate every last bite of it and was stuffed. It was definitely worth the money spent on it.



On some of the walls they had newspaper wallpaper, some of them were in English and some in Swedish. I thought it was pretty cool, despite the fact that it was all Boston stuff. I’ve hated Boston ever since the Hawks played them in the Stanley Cup Final, even though we won. Which is weird because before that they were my second favorite  hockey team and I wanted to attend college in Boston. Not anymore though. Anyways back on topic, the other walls were filled with normal sports bar stuff. Baseballs, sports penndants, pictures, cards, that type of stuff.



The above two pictures are of the movie theater in the restaurant.

IMG_5797I know how I said I was full before, but if you know me you know I can’t resist anything sweet. This was Orea cake/pie or something along those lines. It was fantastic. After this point I was really truly stuffed.

IMG_5799Above is a picture of the bowling alley. The reason I thought it was cool is because of the picture of the Northern Lights on the back wall!

As I said they also had a game room but I don’t have a picture of it. Amy and I got coins and played some games, it was fun! We were pretty good at this “free-throw” basketball game!


I am so glad we stayed over night because the latest train left before dinner, so we wouldn’t have gotten to go out for a nice dinner if we didn’t stay. We also had breakfast at the hotel, and since it was a hotel they had American breakfast! Oh how I’ve missed you bacon, eggs, and waffles!


The weather was rainy and kind of miserable there that weekend.


This was a bank across from our hotel that I thought looked interesting. In this picture you can also see the amount of ice on the roads. They were covered in ice, it was so slippery out. When we walked on the icy parts, we all had to lock arms because we kept slipping.


Around 3 on Saturday we boarded the train back to Gällivare!

It was a nice weekend with some good friends! It was actually kind of relaxing to get out of town for awhile and go somewhere else.


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