Nya Året

I got to spend my New Years here in Sweden with some of my closest Swedish friends!

We ate dinner at a friends house, with just 6 of us, so it was very cozy. Then more friends came later!



IMG_5896All the above pictures are the preparation of the meal! They made Moose steak with potatoes around the edges, mushrooms, tomato, and bacon wrapped asparagus. It looked so professional, I can’t believe my friends made this! I didn’t help much with the meal, so I won’t take any credit for this awesome food!


It tasted amazing! It was just like we had gone out for dinner at a nice restaurant!


For dessert, we ate this candy cane mousse thing. I’m not exactly sure what it was but it was yummy!



IMG_5912 IMG_5919

Just like we always do at home in America too, we watched the fireworks at midnight!

It was a fun night being with all of my friends!

We decided to bring in the New Year right, so we woke up early to go alpine skiing on Dundret.


My friend Matilda, who was an exchange student in Mexico last year, went with me! It was really nice to go with her because she is an excellent skier, and showed me ways to improve my skiing.

She helped me ski down from the top of the mountain this day too! It was kind of scary because I had never went on the harder slopes but because of her I feel confident to go on most of the slopes on the mountain!

It was also fun to be with Matilda, she’s so nice! I don’t get to see her that much usually, it was good we found a day that worked for both of us to go skiing!


At the top of the mountain!

Looking back on 2013, it really has been great. In January I found out I was going to Sweden, In March found out I was going to the north, in June I got to see my Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley cup in Boston, In July I went to a Rotary exchange student conference and met so many new and interesting people that I am still in touch with today. In August, I said goodbye to my friends and family, really everything I knew, and I made the journey to Sweden and attended language camp where I met some of my best exchange friends. From August to the present time I have been living in Sweden, going to school, making new friends, and doing things I never thought I would be doing! It has been a crazy year with many exciting moments and new experiences.

I hope just the same from 2014, I plan on making it the best year so far! I still have 6 months here in Sweden, and I am sure that they will be wonderful!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe new years, and if you made any resolutions I hope you stick to them! Happy 2014 everyone!


2 thoughts on “Nya Året

  1. Hej Sabrina!
    I wish a happy 2014!!!!
    And I look forward to many more fun you write posts about Gällivare.
    What do you think of the Swedish school in comparison with the teaching of America? About your experience with the school in Gällivare.
    I’m loving everything you have posted about the culture of the North.
    I´m sorry for my English. 🙂
    Vi ses !

    1. Will get on those posts this week, not sure when I will have them done by, but they should definitely be up in less than a month 🙂

      I’m curious why you have so much interest in Sweden. Will you be an exchange student here or do you just want to know more about Sweden?!

      Either way so cool that you are reading, thanks so much!

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