Snöskotrar i Tjautjas

Sometime at the end of December, we went to my host families cabin in Tjautjas.  Tjautjas is not even a half hour drive from where Gunilla and Micke live in Koskullskulle (and Koskullskulle is a town next to Gällivare, like Malmberget, they’re all kind of together as a community).

When we arrived in Tjautjas by car, we parked it and then had to take the snowmobiles out to the cabin. We had to drive the snowmobiles across the lake in order to get to the cabin, that’s why you can’t drive a car. In the summer you access the cabin by rowboat.

tjautjas 004

Here ends the public road

tjautjas 005

tjautjas 017

So I don’t have so much to say about this day, but I have many pictures!

Basically we went there to drive the  snowmobiles, and they let me try to drive one under Micke’s supervision. Let’s just say that I was stuck in the snow every time I tried to turn. When there’s so much snow it’s hard! After that we ate lunch, sandwiches with leftover Christmas ham, and played Yahtzee. Erica and I also built a snowman. The most fun part was probably jumping in all of the untouched snow there with Erica.

I am just going to put all of the pictures in a collage, click on them to make them bigger, scroll over them to see if there’s a caption.


3 thoughts on “Snöskotrar i Tjautjas

  1. Please be extremely careful driving the snowmobile. Technically, it is “driving” which is one of the 4 D’s. Chase got in an awful fix for being on a jetski in Australia, and I don’t want you to find similar trouble in Sweden! Looks like a ton of fun, though!

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