It has been awhile since I have posted something on here. Everyone that reads this most likely knows that I switched host families last weekend, so I have been spending time with them and have taken a little break from posting. But now its time to get back on track! Today will just be an update for pretty much all of January.



My friend and I made some Kraft Mac & Cheese that my Aunt sent me awhile ago. The noodles are monster’s inc shaped.


My friend KT from the States sent me a package! Thanks girl love you<3


She sent me this chocolate covered Oreo and it was seriously the best thing ever (please send more).


This is the cabin at the top of Dundret, Fjällstugan, where you can take a fika or escape from the cold while skiing. Quite often it is much warmer on the top of the mountain than it is in town.


They have sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, and coffee and pop.


My host dad and I went in the cabin because it was super foggy on top of the mountain.


So foggy!



One day my friend Julia and I tried to go ice skating, but the ice was not very good to skate on. It was bumpy and we tried to clear it but we were unsuccessful.


So instead we bought some candy and went back to my house to watch movies.


My 2nd host sister, Julia, and I also met to go skiing on Dundret. This might get confusing because now I am referring to two different host families! Oh well, but hopefully everyone will get what I’m trying to say. This was while I was still staying with the Petterssons.



Julia took me on this slope called Pelikanstigen, which when cleared is not a hard slope to ski, but the first time she took me on it, it had about 6 inches of fresh snow. It was my first time skiing on a slope that hadn’t been groomed, so I fell more times then I would like to admit. All in all it was still fun though, I don’t mind falling, as long as I don’t get hurt it’s fun!




We broke the gingerbread house we made traditionally some time after Christmas (I think it’s supposed to be 20 days after) and took down the Christmas tree at my host dads. This isn’t much of a tradition anymore but we held hands and danced around the Christmas tree taking it down, which was silly but fun.


Had a little bit of a delay with the bus..


Night skiing




We are now getting a half hour more of sunlight every week, which is honestly great. During the days now it feels so much lighter, but right now it is still getting dark around 3.


My host brother, Filip, turned 15!


Emma made this super yummy cake, It was lemon with blueberries, ah soo good!


This was just a late night fika we had. Looks like a big birthday fika but we had left over cake so I took it with to a friends house. After all Princess cake is my favorite!


The other exchange student in my class from German, Celine, and I went skiing!


Jasmine, who is a friend from class, and I took a fika at Alla Tiders. Kladdkaka is our favorite, yummm!


The gang




Dundret had a night they were open late (until midnight) so of course we had to go, even though it was -30C! It was a beautiful night and the sky was clear, we were skiing under the stars.


You could also roast marshmallows, and there is a beautiful overlook of the city.


wooo not expecting that flash



And as I have said before, I have moved! This is my new room. Not a very good picture, but I will have another post with some pictures of the house! It’s absolutely beautiful and I love it and my room and just everything!


For the first dinner at my host we ordered pizza!


Absolutely love the view from my new house


Julia and I were bored so we played cards!


I made chocolate chip cookies! They actually turned out good (not burnt) so I am proud and everyone liked them I think!




The above three pictures are from the walk to the bus stop! Oh I love the sun!


Played a board game with my host siblings!


Friday night my host sisters and I decided to make dinner. We made lövbiff, which when I literally translated it in my head it is leaf beef, but I translated it on google and it is minute steak. It was sooo good, I can’t believe we made something so delicious!



We also made this kladdkaka with daim cream on top.. ahhh I was in heaven, I cannot live without chocolate and this cake might just be my new favorite.



Saturday, my host sister Fanny and I dyed our hair. Mine is just one shade lighter brown than before, not a big change but I like it for now!


IMG_6340 IMG_6342

Also Saturday, we all went to the hospital where my host parents work. My host dad booked the gym for us and we played floor hockey and ping pong. It was a lot of fun!


My favorite tea



Sunday was a skiing day with the whole family. Was a little cold out, but much warmer on top of Dundret. Was a beautiful day with some sunshine. I think this was the first time I had been to the top during the day when it wasn’t foggy. So I finally got to see the wonderful view!



Oh hey it’s me skiing! (and yes mom I still haven’t hurt myself)


I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth 🙂 They say on a clear day you can see 1/11th of Sweden from Dundret.


So yeah that has been most of January. Lots of skiing as you can tell, but still not enough! Can’t wait till it gets a little bit warmer and I can start going even more.


4 thoughts on “Uppdatering

  1. We love this post!!!!!
    Many photos with beautiful scenery and very moreish sweets. And pizzas too! 🙂

    Questions …. as usual… :)))
    The photos were taken in Dundret what time of day?
    In Dundret can rent equipment for skiing?
    Where was the photo taken from the bus?
    The pizza is in the upper right corner with reindeer meat? And the bottom one is with arugula(rucula)?
    In the hospital there is a gym? 🙂

    Thanks, Sabrina, for one more post!

    1. The photos taken on Dundret were from 12-3 all of the ones that weren’t taken at night 🙂

      Yes at Dundret you can rent skiing and snowboarding equipment for downhill skiing.

      The photos were taken walking to the bus station near my house.

      Yes reindeer pizza and I’m actually not sure what the other one is!

      And finally yes the hospital does have a gym and if you work there you can book time there and I guess they also have a very nice sauna. I just found out about it actually!

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