I’ve gotten some requests to take some pictures around town, again this is one of those posts where I wonder why I didn’t do it long before. But now, it finally has been warm enough to enjoy a walk outside, accompanied by my camera of course. So here are some pictures of downtown Gällivare and some Scandinavia style houses. This is just the first of some posts of Gällivare, I think I will try to capture more of the town soon. 🙂

This is one of the tallest buildings in Gällivare. I have been in an apartment at the top of the building, and the view of Dundret from there is beautiful. Here is also the “main square” of town will all of the shops and cafes near by.

gallivare 021

gallivare 022

gallivare 025
This one of my favorite buildings here. It was a school awhile ago, but is now used as a museum.

gallivare 028

gallivare 030
Most often here the street signs (the name of the street) is attached to the side of a building or house. I’m not really sure why this is!
gallivare 032
Stacken is a youth club and they have activities for kids to do there.

gallivare 034

gallivare 037

gallivare 038

gallivare 039

gallivare 040

gallivare 020
This is Norrskensgallerian (translating directly to Northern Lights mall). This “mall” has a few clothing shops, a computer shop, a cafe, Coop (a grocery store) and a few other shops.
gallivare 027
This is Coop the grocery store that is located right in the downtown area, but there is a bigger Coop between Gällivare and Malmberget.
gallivare 042
This is what it looks like when you walk into the ‘mall’. Apotek is a health store. 
gallivare 043
Interflora a flower store
gallivare 044
Coop (grocery store) and Lindex which is a clothing store that has woman’s and kids clothing.
gallivare 045
EG-Giganten is the electronics store, and next to it (not pictured) is Intersport (sporting goods store) and another store similar to Lindex.
gallivare 046
Cafe Alleman’s and there is a shoe store around the corner
gallivare 050
Systembolaget the only shop you can purchase alcohol at (can buy amounts under 3.5 at places like Coop). The government runs the alcohol intake, so this store is a monopoly.

gallivare 052

gallivare 053

gallivare 054

gallivare 056
For Gällivare being a town I find that they have a lot of apartment buildings. A few of my friends live in apartments, and at home none of my friends do. I can’t imagine what it would be like to not have my own backyard growing up. I guess if we were living in Stockholm or something I would understand, but it being such a small town it feels weird to me!
gallivare 057
Mail delivery cars
gallivare 058
A convenience shop
gallivare 060
A children’s clothing store, I believe, have never been in it.
gallivare 062
Alla Tiders, the most popular cafe to take a fika at

gallivare 065

gallivare 063
The really good Thai restaurant

gallivare 064

gallivare 066

gallivare 071
You can literally see the fog rolling off the mountain
gallivare 074
Have I ever mentioned how many roundabouts there are in Sweden, I think we have 2 stop lights here total

gallivare 077

gallivare 079
The indoor swimming pool in Gällivare
gallivare 084
On the way home

gallivare 086

gallivare 089

gallivare 090

gallivare 091

gallivare 093

gallivare 092

gallivare 098

gallivare 101

gallivare 105

gallivare 102

gallivare 110

gallivare 111

gallivare 115

gallivare 116

gallivare 123
My bus stop

gallivare 128

gallivare 137
A lake across from my subdivision

gallivare 139

gallivare 141

gallivare 145

gallivare 146

gallivare 1134

gallivare 149

gallivare 150
My road
gallivare 152
My new house! (Literally is new, it was built a year and a half ago) This neighbor hood has many of the newer houses here.

gallivare 153

gallivare 154

I hope you enjoyed this post, a little look into the town I have been living in for almost 6 months!

Also maybe you have noticed I have edited my pictures a little bit differently today. Decided to try something new, did you notice? What do you think about them?

Will be posting again next week on a regular basis, nothing this weekend as we are taking a trip to Luleå for the weekend, so you will get to here about that a little bit later. Hej då!


17 thoughts on “Gällivare

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, I have been using Photoshop most of them time. I decided to try to edit them a little different, kind of like what they would look like if they were on film from a Polaroid or something.

      1. My daughter uses ‘Aperture’ on her MacBook for her photo processing whilst on her student exchange. She is using a Nikon D3200 too, which I note from your tags that you use as well. You might have noted that she is undertaking a 365 (photo each day) Project.

  1. Great post, Sabrina! \ o / Beautiful photos! Some of them would be successful in a professional contest , for sure.
    The first picture.. I recognized the image as it is the image of the new municipality webcam on your website .
    The town is cute!! 🙂 Definitely , it is a quiet town . :))
    The architecture of the museum is very beautiful . It should be a building that stands out in the city .
    Have street names on the corners of the buildings is also common where I live . So I think that is a European trait , unlike American signposts .
    Through plates, club for kids and pool is noted that a city that thinks in children .
    You have to take pictures to show where will all this snow when the weather starting to warm up . lol
    I thought only existed ICA supermarket.
    Interesting mail symbol, and of course you could not forget the royalty.
    Did you see movie theather in Gällivare ?
    Reasonable price in the Thai restaurant ! !
    Living in a house is always better, in my opinion . More in this environment is cheapest to live in apartments . The Swedes buildings usually have common laundries . I imagine the use of a yard in one year should be a very short time .
    In one of the photos there is a yellow house and in front is a small house . Does a sauna or a house for arrangements ?
    I thought at the bus stop there was a scoreboard with the times .

    Thanks, thanks, thanks. 🙂

    1. Oh well thank you for that lovely compliment! 🙂
      I don’t quite understand what you mean about the first picture?
      Hm that’s interesting maybe it is a European thing!
      Yes will take some spring pictures of the town when it comes, but of course will still be a few months!
      There is ICA and Coop here, along with a few smaller Coops.
      The movie theater in Gallivare was burned down a few years ago, so now they are showing movies in the hospital, but not so often.
      Yes the lunch at the Thai restaurant is good but at night it becomes around 200kr for a meal, but you get so much good food!
      I think the yellow house might have been a garage, most people have the sauna inside their house, unless it is in their cabin.
      Hope you liked it!

    1. aw good!! 🙂
      glad I can help

      Ahha okej! That is actually kind of creepy that they have that, but I guess it could be good if a safety issue occurred. Yes that is the same building. It seems the camera is in the museum or on a light pole near by it. Will look for it next time I’m there!

  2. Sabrina,
    Another aspect that you approached this post was about the roundabouts. These are more a European trait. :))) When cities are small there is almost no traffic. For me, of all the countries I’ve been without a doubt the Spanish roundabouts were the most confusing.
    The exhibition in the museum is fixed or not?
    The municipal library is in the center? Is it often used?
    In this tour you saw bookstores? Swedes like to read? 🙂

    1. maybe, but there was also a lot I saw in the suburbs of Stockholm! Just weird when everywhere in America is stop signs and stop lights and we have almost none here!
      I’m not sure about the exhibition in the museum actually, and the library is downtown, not in the center but close, I have never been there so again not very sure!
      Now that you say that, no, I don’t believe there are any books stores, nor have I ever seen one in Sweden in Stockholm or anywhere else. But I have friends who like to read so I’m sure there has to be somewhere to buy them!

  3. Apartments are really common in Sweden, even in small towns. Here in Sölvesborg (pop. 9,000) in the South, most people lives in apartments, including me. Red brick apartment complexes like these are typical post-WWII Sweden. I was lucky enough to grow up with my family in a house though in a nearby fishing village.

  4. Great pictures. I was in Gallivare years ago and we went to a really cool entertainment place where you went into a room in a team of 2 or 3 and had to figure out a problem to get out. There were maybe 15rooms with some being easy but others very hard. It was great fun. Have you come across it at all or know the name of it?

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