2 weekends ago my host family and I ate at Björnfällen, the restaurant on top of Dundret. The restaurant is also attached with a hotel, and around them is a beautiful view and some cabins. Here are some pictures from that Saturday, along with some pictures I took in the fall and never posted!

hus 046

Sitting down for dinner (Amilie, my host mom, and Julia, my host sister). Fancy chandeliers & log walls.


Älg planka = moose served on a plank. So delicious!

hus 037

Christmas stars are still up but they sure are pretty


hus 042

Dundret hotel reception

hus 040

My friend Matilda was working while we were there!

hus 026

Sometimes there is a lit-up heart on the top of Dundret ❤

Those were the recent pictures (which you might obviously be able to tell from all the snow), now for the pictures from the fall time also taken at Björnfällen.

sweden 015

sweden 014

A row of cabins

sweden 021

sweden 022

sweden 017

sweden 016

sweden 019

The hotel pool

sweden 023

sweden 024

sweden 025

Björnfällen is a beautiful place, and has the best view! These pictures from the fall are making me miss the nice weather, but soon again will it be green. Dinner with my host family was fun, we waited a longer time for the food then was tolerable but the moose was really good.


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