Välkommen Februari

February has just began, and my month has started out great! So that means it’s about that time for another update. This one may be a little shorter than normal, but maybe that’s just because my last update seemed to be never ending. Like usual, just pictures I’ve captured of what I’ve been up to (obvious hint: food, skiing, Dundret). Also keep in mind these were taken with my iPhone, sorry they’re not the best of quality!

IMG_6405Mmm hot chocolate! My host family has Starbucks cups and it reminds me of how much I want a java chip frap right about now.

IMG_6414Nice days are when the sky is blue and it’s not foggy and miserable outside.

IMG_6420I’m quite proud of this raspberry and chocolate cake I made, the recipe was out of a cook book I received for Christmas.

IMG_6424My host sisters and host mom ride horses, so one day they showed me around the stables. I am going to try to ride soon!

IMG_6425Night skiing when it’s not foggy/snowing= score!

IMG_6430My host sister Julia and I



IMG_6435One Sunday morning I made my host family pancakes! I’ve never made them from scratch before, I need bisquick!

IMG_6436They turned out editable though, so it’s all okay

IMG_6451My silly little host brother, Vigo

hus 017My host siblings and I before eating dinner at Björnfällen. (Fanny on the left, Julia on the right, and Vigo in the middle).

hus 007

hus 009Heart on Dundret

IMG_6472Selfie with my host sisters

IMG_6508A semi-good skiing day, at least it wasn’t foggy. Whenever it’s foggy I feel like I’m going to accidentally turn too far and fall down the side of the slope or something like that.


IMG_6516Another way to tell if it’s a nice day in my book is if you can see the top of Dundret.




IMG_6526It is fun to train in my host families super awesomely equipped gym.

IMG_6568Feeling kind of Swedish

IMG_6569Last week, I ate dinner at my last host families house (The Petterssons). Originally on the dinner plan, they were supposed to eat fish that day, but since I was coming they changed it to tacos instead. They know me too well ❤


IMG_6600One night for dinner we had Asian food and only ate with chopsticks. I never thought I would master eating with chopsticks in Sweden.

IMG_6597One of my favorite places to be!

IMG_6580Last Saturday, my host sisters, their friends and I went to the annual Jokkmokk market. I will make a separate post on the market soon, but in the meantime enjoy this selfie I took with a reindeer. This was my first time actually seeing a reindeer (does eating it count?) and I also got to pet one, another thing checked off my bucketlist!

IMG_6582Julia and her friend at the Jokkmokk market

hostdaddyoMy host dad, Ola, and I before going skiing

IMG_6603What my friends and I did since we had a 3 hour break between classes because math got cancelled. Go to Elin’s, play board games, and drink tea.

So that has been the beginning of my February. Tomorrow some classmates from my media class and I will be working a photography event at Norrskens Gallerian, which surely will be fun. I’m excited for these upcoming months because I have some fun things planned, like my Rotary ski trip in Åre, some of my exchange friends are coming to visit me, AND I’m going to Berlin with my next host family over the Easter break! I also have some other secret plans, which are just my friends and I trying to make plans but they aren’t set yet so I can’t really share them until we get a final answer. But nevertheless the future is looking great! 🙂


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