Glad Alla Hjärtans Dag!

I just wanted to say happy Valentines day to everyone! ❤

Today I had a school photography project, which was fun to do especially because I love photography. The theme was Valentines day and in this post I’m including some “outtakes” of my friends and I. We were there to photograph others in our little photography corner, but had to make sure the lighting was ok!

Also I wanted to share that today is my 6 months in Sweden! What a crazy day for it to fall on, but it makes sense, because I love Sweden so much! It’s hard to imagine that this means my exchange is half way over. I’m happy with the memories I’ve made these 6 months with new friends and family and I am looking forward to the next 6 months and even more exciting moments.

Tack till allt vem har varit i mitt nya liv har i Sverige, det har varit en bra första sex månader, och det kommer att bli en bra sex till kom. Älska ni alla och jag älska Sverige!


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