Jokkmokks Marknad

The first Saturday of February my host sisters and I went to the annual Jokkmokk market. The Jokkmokk market has been held for an unbroken 400 year period (since the 17th century!)! I’m not sure how many people attended the market this year but on the fourth centennial anniversary in 2005 reached 80,000 people!  How crazy is it to go to something that’s been going on for such a long time. Jokkmokk is located just an hour away from Gällivare, and it is of course also located in the Arctic Circle as well. This city is where you can find the Sami museum, and see the Sami culture in action (there are Sami people located all over the northern part (Lapland) not just in Jokkmokk). In the market itself you can find wonderful Sami craftsman work, things made out of reindeer antlers and beautiful bracelets and rings. There aren’t just Sami vendors though, there are also an assortments of other booths. Luckily at the time of the market it wasn’t so cold up here, only around -5C maybe, but it snowed a lot while we were there. It was fun to look around at everything and I finally get to cross petting a reindeer off my bucket-list!

jokkmokk 002The line for the ATM was crazy, thank God we didn’t have to wait in it.

jokkmokk 003Reindeer on the ICA supermarket sign

jokkmokk 006This was apparently a real, dead moose laying on the car. What?!

jokkmokk 007Fuck you I drive a Volvo. So Swedish.

jokkmokk 012


jokkmokk 017Candy!

jokkmokk 019


jokkmokk 022Sheep skin slippers

jokkmokk 024


jokkmokk 025


jokkmokk 026


jokkmokk 033They were roasting nuts in a sweet sauce.. Mmm they were so warm and delicious

jokkmokk 035Reindeer shaped with reindeer antler cheese slicer. If we used these in America I just might have bought this.

jokkmokk 037Sami bracelets

jokkmokk 039

jokkmokk 041People crowding the entire walkway

jokkmokk 044

jokkmokk 046Swedish hard bread.

jokkmokk 050


jokkmokk 052


jokkmokk 054


jokkmokk 058


jokkmokk 063Typical Sami man.

jokkmokk 064Sheep skin rugs

jokkmokk 065


jokkmokk 068


jokkmokk 074


jokkmokk 079Finnish candy.. mostly licorice.

jokkmokk 080Would like to be cuddling up with the blanket on the right!

jokkmokk 085Chocolate balls

jokkmokk 088

jokkmokk 091


jokkmokk 097More typical Sami

jokkmokk 104They were giving out free marshmallows to roast and warm lemonade (never heard of warm lemonade before but it is amazing).

jokkmokk 109


jokkmokk 110“The reindeer are wealth, unending supply. You rely on them, manage you difficult years. The reindeer carries strong human in her life.”

jokkmokk 111Ice sculptures

jokkmokk 116


jokkmokk 117


jokkmokk 118


jokkmokk 120Suovas (reindeer) wrap for lunch.

jokkmokk 121


jokkmokk 123


jokkmokk 124


jokkmokk 128Maybe the best doughnut ever!



IMG_6577Unfortunately these are the only pictures I got to take of reindeer. It was snowing really hard so I didn’t want to keep my camera out, and they came by so fast, only noticing them once they start to pass you, leaving no time to take out the Nikon. But nevertheless, I pet one as they walked by! This was my first time actually seeing one in person. Hopefully I get the chance to see another reindeer, they’re just so cute!

IMG_6580Selfie with reindeer because reindeer.

The market was a wonderful experience, I brought with a few things home with me: candy (as expected) and a birthday present for my mom back home. I would’ve liked to buy more but things were pretty expensive there, but that’s what someone deserves for making everything by hand!

Hej då för nu!



4 thoughts on “Jokkmokks Marknad

  1. LOL All the candy mmmmmmmm 🙂 Is it them liking all the candy and yummy food so much or is it you, noticing it all and taking pictures of it 😀 Are you used to eating licorice? We eat that a lot in The Netherlands and have many flavours. Our exchange student wasn’t used to it and didn’t like it at all. We love the taste of Scandinavian licorice too, it’s a bit more salty, I can’t really describe the difference.

    Ow, and I can imagine you want to pet those reindeer! Are they friendly animals in general? They look so surreal to me, nothing like horses or cows, not even very deer like I think. Hope you’ll have another encounter with them later on 🙂

    1. I think it was just me liking the candy too much 😉 I actually don’t like licorice! I’ve tried the licorice here and you’re right it is salty and I just can’t stand the taste of it, probably the only candy I don’t like!

      Yes the reindeer are pretty friendly and calm, and they really don’t look like anything else!

      1. That’s so funny, the licorice part. I’ve never met anyone yet who didn’t grow up with it who actually liked it 😉

        I SO hope you’ll have some super awesome reindeer experience in the near future and can’t wait to hear about it 😀

      2. Yes, maybe you have to acquire the taste for licorice at a young age! I keep trying to like it but I really just can’t!

        I’m trying to work on it now actually! 😀 Seeing if anyone can get me an “invitation” to attend a reindeer gathering. Yeah that sounds weird but I guess not just anyone can come to one? Thank you for the caring comment 🙂

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