Rotary Trips

A perk of being a Rotary youth exchange student is the trips! While these trips are not free, they are still a great opportunity to get to know the all of the other exchange students in your country better and see new places and things. This year, us Sweden exchange students have 3 trips: Åre, Kiruna, and Eurotour.

Åre ski trip, March 16-20th. Åre was ranked one of the top 10 best ski resorts in the world back in 2010 by a British travel magazine. It is also the biggest ski resort in Northern Europe. Åre has hosted the alpine world championships twice (1954 & 2007).  I’ve seen pictures it this looks like an absolutely amazing place to ski. I’m so excited for this trip! Besides from skiing, we will also be doing some other activities, the brochure doesn’t exactly say, but I’m sure it will be fun!

Kiruna trip, beginning of April. I don’t have so much to say about this trip, because I’m not going on it. Kiruna is about an hour away from Gällivare, so it seems almost pointless to pay all of the money to go on it when I can and have done most of what they are going to do on the trip. Basically it is a trip to the Ice Hotel, along with that it says the opportunity will be giving to snowmobile, go on a sled dog ride, see reindeer, and even the northern lights. Half of this is already crossed off my bucket-list, and the other half is being planned for me to do soon! I may arrange to go to the Ice Hotel the same day the group goes although. I miss all of my exchange students, and not everyone will be going to Åre!

Eurotour, June 26th-July 12th. This is our end of the year trip, a last memory to our exchange year. Eurotour is exactly what it sounds like, we will be traveling around Europe for almost 3 weeks. The trip is put together by Rotary but they use a company that is an expert with tours. Most of us exchange students will get to ride a charter bus to 12 different countries! We leave and come back to Malmö, Sweden. The line up is like this:


Berlin- guided city tour, East Side Gallery, Stasi museum.

Krakow- guided city tour, concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Budapest- guided city tour, boat ride on Duna

Bratislava- guided city tour

Zell am See- day hike in the Alps with professional guide

Ljubljana- guided city tour

Lido di Jesolo- free time= beach time

Veice- Gondola ride

Paris- guided city tour day one, day two to ourselves to explore

Brussels- guided city tour

Bochum- breaking up party

Obviously this is an exciting trip to be a part of, but because of that it costs about $3,000USD(plus spending money). So I know some people who are probably not going on the trip, it is probably possible to travel around Europe yourself for less money. That being said, when will you get the opportunity again to be with all of these wonderful exchange students and explore new places with them. The atmosphere is definitely different it not stressful when the trip is all planned out for you.  The trip is good because we do somethings together as a group, like go to a museum, but we also have time to go out with one or two people and do whatever we want.

I want to go on the trip, but it isn’t an absolute yes just yet, will have to see how the money situation is when I have to pay for the trip. Even so, I’m still extremely excited for this! I would say I want to go on the trip tomorrow, but I definitely don’t want these last 6 months to pass by too fast.

This means I have some exciting posts in the near future! I can’t wait for these experiences. I think I’ve said this before, but any time spent with exchange students is always so much fun! We all connect right off the bat, and become best friends by the end of the trips.


6 thoughts on “Rotary Trips

  1. Sounds amazing. So glad you are getting to do some fun things on your exchange year. Remember if you go on the Eurotour you will miss Grand Rapids. I am torn about that. There is so much for you to learn and do at Grand Rapids that I am afraid you will really be at a disadvantage if you don’t go. But then again, it is Eurotour! How can you miss that? Such a hard decision. I am sure you will make the one that is right for you.

  2. In a big trip like this is almost a sin not to go to Holland and meet joviality in the streets.
    I know some of these countries and between them was a pleasant surprise Austria. I thought the smiley and pleasant people. Beautiful lakes and forests near the Black Forest.

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