Farliga Snö

For those of you who have been lucky enough to have never seen snow before in your life, you might not know that snow comes with some dangers. It’s not just this fluffy white stuff that is fun. I, in just a short period of a day, have learned some of the dangers of snow.

First of all, today was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the sky was as blue and the sea in the summer. 

(My daytime picture didn’t turn out so well, but seeing a sunset means that it was clear and beautiful out!)


It was plus 6 Celsius, our first taste of spring weather. Along with this warm weather it was extremely windy, and I mean like so windy it knocks over something outside at 3am and you wake up wondering if someone is breaking into the house. With the warm weather, the snow is obviously starting to melt. In most places the snow is so thick it doesn’t have much of an effect. But places where it’s not so thick, let’s say the roof of your house, it is just a mushy pile of melting snow. With help from the wind, the snow on top of all of the buildings is at the edge, ready to make an avalanche on the street or whomever is innocently walking by. Although I have no experience with this, I make the assumption to say I don’t think it would feel too nice to have a pile of heavy snow land on you, coming at full force from stories above you.

Today the sidewalk to the cafeteria was roped off because it was too dangerous to walk there. It’s one of those things you don’t think about looking at. Walking down the street you don’t crank your neck at an uncomfortable position to look up at the 3 story building and think “oh hey, that snow looks like it’s about to fall off.”. Even after I witnessed the roped off area at the cafeteria, I still found myself standing right under the edge of the building where the bus stop was. It was only for a minute, but who knows when it’s going to fall off.

Below is the bus stop. Not as high as 3 stories but I still don’t think it would have been nice for it to have fallen on me.


This past week, I’ve noticed many people in my neighborhood standing on their roofs shoveling off snow. I thought it looked very dangerous, but now I know it’s probably better not letting nature decide when it’s going to all fall off.

The next thing that is dangerous about snow is that (another obvious one) it’s slippery. Until now I haven’t had any other problems with slipping in the snow, when it first came it wasn’t slippery, for the past 4 months it hasn’t been slippery at all. But now that it is +6C and there’s slightly melting snow on the un-plowed streets I find myself slipping everywhere. (the streets are plowed, but they leave about 2 inches, and they don’t put down salt, so its just a sheet of snow). Just today I slipped twice. Once after some classmates and I bought chocolate, and once after I got of the bus and thought to myself ‘it sure is beautiful out today’. Two happy moments ruined by the slippery snow. The world is evil and definitely doesn’t want me to enjoy my chocolate or blue skies. This also is a sign that I can’t wear my Nikes outside until this snow goes away, I need to find shoes with some more grip to them.

So there, my little rant is over now. Don’t get me wrong, I do love snow, but there are just some cases like today where it’s not my favorite thing. This is just the beginning of the melting snow stage. I’m really interested to see what happens when snow up to your waist melts. Will there be a flood with no way to transport around town besides a boat? I guess that is the next topic in this series, although I am not really looking forward to it. If I think it’s icy now, it will probably be 10x worse when all of it melts, freezes, and finishes melting. Until then I will be enjoying skiing and sledding, of course it isn’t all bad!


4 thoughts on “Farliga Snö

  1. Ugh, that’s exactly what I don’t like about winters over here, three days snow, then temperatures above zero, melting snow, slushy snow, temperatures below zero, and the outside world is all icy and slippery. And that at least 10 times each winter. But I will stop ranting too 😉 because we’re having the best winter in years (in my opinion) with no snow, no ice, no cold 😀 I’m happy.

    Do hope spring will start for yous soon too so you can enjoy the next season over there and stop worrying about “falling snow” 😉

    1. Ah crazy to have absolutely no snow! I saw someone post a picture of a green lawn on facebook from southern Sweden and it shocked me, I don’t even think I remember what grass looks like!!

  2. What is the reaction of the Swedes to see someone fall? Help her? I’ve read that the Norwegians do not help, always go forward. It’s every man for himself. Most do not know whether it can be considered a characteristic of the people or each person (human being).
    Thanks for pictures. 🙂

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