Fotografi Händelser


This week I was able to participate in some pretty cool stuff. On Wednesday night, I photographed an event for Olympic gold medalist, Marcus Hellner, who lives here in Gällivare. Friday night, Celine (the other exchange student in my town) and I went on a guided tour in the LKAB mine. Then this weekend (Friday-Sunday), I helped with photographing Lilla VM (Little World Championships) which was a sporting event with 7 different sports. I’m planning on making separate post about those individually sometime in the upcoming future.  So yes, I have been quite busy this week, and haven’t been able to post as much on here as I planned on doing. But that is certainly not a bad thing in this case! It was so much fun to be a part of everything and I met some new awesome people too!

hellner2 hellner3Marcus Hellner celebration

LKAB 130 heLKAB mine tour


basket 011Lilla VM


Now I am also on sportlov (sports break), a week long break. I think I read something a while ago that back in the day they had sportlov because then they didn’t have to heat the schools for that week. My sportlov seems pretty late compared to all of my other friends in Sweden, I know people who have had it the 2nd week of February, and I am now having it the first week of March. Maybe it’s because now in March the weather here is a little better which makes it great to go skiing and do other outdoor activities.

I have no exact plans for this week, I just know I want to go skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, etc! We might possibly take a trip up north to the mountains, but it’s not for sure yet. Other than that I will just be hanging out, glad we have a little break from school!

Det är allt för nu, men mer kommer snart. Hej då!


6 thoughts on “Fotografi Händelser

  1. Hi Sabrina,

    Must have been a great event for a city like Gällivare. I saw a part of the event by webcam which is in the museum. All the world could have seen! 🙂
    I think I saw you …. It was the only one without cap! Just kidding, not seen, of course.
    What I saw were far too many people and they all withdrew before the nearby streets.
    Olympic champion Marcus Hellner has lived for many years in the city?

    His colleague in the business of mine does exchange student, but it is American? You know how many people work in this mine? In addition to the helmet that you used, employees use other types of protection?

    I’m curious to know what is the sportlove.


    1. Yes it was a great event, there were around 800 athletes that participated in the event from surrounding towns!

      Marcus Hellner went to gymnasium here so probably around when he was 15 he came to Gällivare and I think he is like 28 now, I believe he has lived here most of that time!

      I don’t exactly know what you’re trying to ask with the exchange student question?
      I’m not sure actually about the other two questions but will do some research for the post about the mine, and will try to add them in there!

      Sportlov is just a free week from school so kids can participate in winter sports like skiing 🙂

    1. Anything you want! A lot of people use it to go alpine and cross country skiing. There are many free activities during the week like free bowling and ice skating and more!

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