At the beginning of March, my school went on ‘Sportlov’ (sports break) for a week. It was really nice to have a week off of school spent with friends!

I’m going to start at the Friday we got out of school, Celine the other exchange student in my school and I were going to photograph Lilla VM (little championships) but first before that we went on a tour of the LKAB mine. Will maybe eventually do a post on those two things in the future! So that meant Friday night, Saturday and Sunday I was photographing all day so that was basically all I did that weekend! But on that Friday night I took a little break and went out to dinner with my friends at O’Leary’s because it was my friend Elin’s 18th birthday!

IMG_6779LKAB tour with our Lilla VM badges

IMG_6782Elin’s 18, whaaat?!

IMG_6797Ren Dröm från baktankte! Reindeer sandwich from a bakery. It’s called Reindeer dream. It has like a sweet sauce or jam on it and aahhh so delicious. Work is okay when you get free food (especially if it’s work you love doing)


Monday I spent to myself, sleeping mostly. I was extremely tired from the weekend, we had worked from 9-midnight, and although it was not hard work, I was still sleep deprived. So Monday turned into a cozy recovery day.

Tuesday was again a little bit of a lazy day, but went night skiing with my host sisters and their cousin Elin, who was in town visiting.

IMG_6817 IMG_6827 IMG_6840 IMG_6850

Wednesday I went skiing on Dundret again with Celine, Emma, and Moa. Well I was the only one who skied, they all snowboarded, but same thing. Then after Celine and I came back to my house and made lunch and just hung out for a little while. At night, my host sisters and I went bowling because it was free over the break.

IMG_6856Bow down to me snowboarders

IMG_6867 IMG_6873


IMG_6884My shirt says “I love Swedish boys” and I told my little host brother what he said and he laughed. Then I made him take a picture with me because he is so adorable


Thursday during the day I skied with my friends Matilda and Olivia, and then I also went night skiing with my other friend Emma!

IMG_6894 IMG_6896Got very excited when I came home and the sun was out! I went outside in a t-shirt to take pictures but then realized that just because there’s still sun it doesn’t really make -2 any warmer.

IMG_6903 IMG_6904My new favorite thing to ski on at Dundret. It’s this little slope with a bunch of bumps and lots of snow left on it. It’s so much fun to hop over them!

Friday morning I went to my friend Jasmine’s house, and then we met up with Julia and Matilda on snowmobiles! We took a little skoter adventure, went through the woods to this isolated little spot and grilled some lunch. We had to light a fire, and it took us 3 times until the fire didn’t just burn out! There was a bunch of really big rocks maybe or something like that and I decided to climb up them because it looked fun. I was actually on a hunt for reindeer because I really want to see one again. After we were finished eating we rode around for a little bit more. All of the paths were really bumpy for some reason, but it was so much fun anyways! 🙂

Around 7 I went to Hanna’s house, because it was her birthday on Saturday so we had a birthday dinner! It was a fun night with the girls and Hanna loved the presents we got her, and she made us a great homemade meal! We talked and danced around until 12 so we could celebrate her birthday

IMG_6906 IMG_6908 IMG_6911 IMG_6914 IMG_6917 IMG_6930 IMG_6931 IMG_6933 IMG_6935 IMG_6936 IMG_6937 IMG_6940 IMG_6947 IMG_6949 IMG_6951 IMG_6955 IMG_6959 IMG_6960 IMG_6966 IMG_6970 IMG_6977 IMG_6987

Saturday consisted of more skiing, with my host dad and little brother, and then the same people from Hanna’s birthday dinner all went to after ski in björnfällen the hotel/restaurant on top of Dundret.


Sunday the last day of the break unfortunately, we celebrated Ilona’s birthday with some fika! The fika was so good, I ate so much of it, but that was expected! She loved the wine glasses we got her (they were extremely huge). I love going to her house because she has a black cat and it reminds me of mine at home!

IMG_7010Viggo didn’t want me to leave, even when I told him it was only for a few hours!

IMG_7012 IMG_7014 IMG_7017 IMG_7020 IMG_7023

That was my sportslov! Lots of skiing, but it was meant for that, afterall it is called SPORTlov. And that’s basically all I do anyways so I had a very good time. The weather was nice and sunny over most of the break so that also made it much better. It was a great time to hang out with all of my friends and even meet some new people!





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