Tack Wulfs

Yesterday was the day I switched to my last host family here in Sweden! Read this post about switching host families (if you haven’t already), here, and hopefully it clears up any confusion about the process! With the Wulfs, it was a short stay (only 2 months), but it was nice being able to get to know the whole family and spend time with them! 

IMG_6342 IMG_6364 IMG_6430 IMG_6451 IMG_6472 IMG_6582 hostdaddyo hus 046 hus 017 1925407_777193138974828_121744706_o

the cutest little horse!

IMG_6840 IMG_6850 IMG_7010Det var skönt att lägga till tre yngre nya syskon till mitt liv, jag kommer att saknar er alla! Det är ju inte hejdå ännu, fortfarande bara en 5 minuters kör ner på gaten. Jag hoppas att hålla kontakten, kan inte vänta att ser er tjejer (förhoppningsvis) åka på en utbytes år snart också! Tack för att jag fick vara en del av din familj! Älskar er alla!

It was nice to add 3 younger new siblings to my life, I will miss you all! It is not, as you know, good bye yet, still only a 5 minute drive down the road. I hope to keep in touch, I can’t wait to see you girls (hopefully) go on an exchange year soon too. Thanks for letting me become part of the family. Love you all!


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