Here’s some random pictures from the past few weeks! Some of them are from before I moved and some are after 🙂

967463_808404945853647_1968609170_n 967739_808401389187336_1235031923_n 972553_808410672519741_957503207_n 974299_808401382520670_994598348_n 1624774_808408452519963_542281909_n 1940221_808404672520341_1168252231_n 10156884_808404952520313_1548091842_n 10156915_808403535853788_1978231497_n 10157017_808403255853816_1574677475_n 10168417_808404679187007_558952065_n 10168435_808409089186566_703377711_n 10168914_808401399187335_40308499_n 10168991_808408439186631_1078796534_n 10169044_808402382520570_1808240700_n 10173347_808408442519964_78737586_n 10173408_808410279186447_944484427_n 10173419_808410275853114_540668393_n 10178286_808410272519781_202812017_n 10178384_808402379187237_1970389044_n 10250667_808403532520455_1222579898_n410250706_808410679186407_1465906108_n 10250729_808404942520314_784678202_n 10250772_808410675853074_776162166_n 10250818_808403265853815_1120431506_n 10259353_808404675853674_513133321_n 10259365_808402385853903_749605357_n 10259386_808401385854003_298961228_n 10259491_808404669187008_1821335459_n 10259515_808410269186448_162530227_n 10259560_808403269187148_888613368_n 10259635_808401392520669_79587554_n 10259657_808403252520483_1164894494_n 10261943_808410382519770_1791303809_n woo idk 009 woo idk 015 woo idk 016 woo idk 019 woo idk 051Now we are off on påsklov or Easter break! Typing this just before we get into the car to drive to the airport in Kiruna. Then we fly into Stockholm and have a layover and then we land in Berlin just in time for dinner!

See you next week!

Hej då, ha ett bra lov!


6 thoughts on “Uppdatering

    1. Yes there is still plenty of snow left to melt in Gällivare!

      I’m not too sure about Easter yet, but will do a post about it after we celebrate it.. We are celebrating it in Berlin but we are doing a Swedish Easter anyways!

  1. Hej, I’ll be going to Arvidsjaur in August for a year, and wanted to know if there is anything crazy I should know about Lapland. Anything come to mind?

    1. Wow that’s awesome! Just look forward to a year with some really good food (in my opinion at least!) and complete darkness in the winter and bright days in the summer! Feel free to add me on facebook! We will probably make a group for the Swedish newbies soon 🙂

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