This last week was my Easter break, as I said in the previous post! I had a pretty exciting break, my host family and I went “utomlands” or abroad for you non Swedish speakers! We went to the beautiful city of Berlin and spend 6 days there!

We left on Monday, our flight was from Kiruna (which is about an hour drive north of Gällivare) at 12am. It was a pretty lagom time as they say in Swedish. Nice because we didn’t have to wake up early and also nice that we would arrive in Berlin just around dinner time.

*click on the  picture to make it bigger, scroll over it to see the caption if there is one*

We landed at Arlanda airport outside of Stockholm and had a few hours to eat frozen yogurt and shop, then took our flight to Berlin. The flight to Berlin from Arlanda was actually a shorter time than the flight from Kiruna to Arlanda. Doesn’t seem like it, but northern Sweden is just really far up there.

We stayed in the middle of Berlin, in a cozy little old apartment. The street our apartment building was on can be debated as my favorite street in Berlin. Of course I didn’t have the opportunity to see all of Berlin, but from what I saw I loved our street the most. It has every type of restaurant you can think of from German to Sushi to Greek to Italian! Cute little quirky cafes and ice cream shops also lined our street. Vintage thrift shops were fun to look in and try on clothes! Beautiful architecture of the old buildings of all different colors, cobblestone streets, blossoming trees, a small park. What more could you want or need?!


Maybe it’s because we spent so much time on our street that I think this way, but it was really nice! It was also just a few minutes to walk to the nearest subway station!

My host family rented an apartment instead of getting a hotel because they think it’s cozier to do it that way! I now think  this too. Actually when we first came into the apartment building it didn’t look too promising but once we came to our apartment the inside was very nice! It was pleasant being able to come “home” after a long day of sightseeing and eating my host mom’s home cooked meals some nights. The apartment was small, but was a good size for using it for a little getaway like we did. It had one bedroom and bathroom along with a kitchen and living room area. I had a bed in the living room so I got a some privacy.

Anyways, we took a taxi from the Berlin airport to the apartment after we landed. We went out for a late dinner around 8 on that Monday night at a German restaurant right across the street, called Oderquelle. The food was pretty good, although I might have just thought that because I was hungry! I tried a typical German drink Apfelschorle, which is half apple juice and half bubbly water!

Tuesday morning we got up and ate breakfast at Cafe Krona, a cafe under our apartment building! It was such a cozy breakfast with fresh bread, a latte, and a chocolate filled croissant! Chocolate filled croissants became my staple breakfast food for our trip to Germany, so delicious.

After breakfast, we decided to spend our first day shopping. First we went to Alexanderplatz, which is one of the central ares in Berlin, and shopped around in a shopping mall. After a little bit we decided to go to another location. It was called “Wittenbergplatz ” and we went there to go to a finer galleria called Kat De Ve that had expensive stores like Tiffany’s and Hermes, etc. It also had a food market on the top floor, and more less expensive name brand designers in it, you could sort of compare it to a Nordstroms in America. But first we ate lunch at an Italian restaurant that was nearby. I tried another German drink at lunch called Spezi which is half Fanta half Coca Cola. I actually really like it!

After lunch, then shopping at the galleria, we also did some shopping on that street at stores like Levi’s and Forever 21. When we went back to the apartment it was quite early, maybe around 5. So I decided to go walk around near to the apartment and look around thrift stores and clothing stores stocked with items made in Berlin!

We ate a late dinner at the apartment cooked by my host mom. It was lamb and it was delicious! I of course had a craving for some German chocolate so went to a kiosk to buy some after dinner.

IMG_7919 IMG_7920

Well that was the first two days about our time in Berlin! I definitely fell in love with the city right away, it’s uniquely beautiful in it’s own way and the history that is in the every day life there hidden in the buildings and land is so intriguing to me.


7 thoughts on “Berlin

  1. Hi Sabrina,
    Loved the pictures! 🙂
    We also when we travel to a city in order to stay more than 3 days, we like to rent an apartment.
    There are also exchanges of flats or houses sites. For example, his family went to someone’s house in Berlin and this German family would be at home in Gällivare.
    There are economic advantages to renting an apartment, and also the possibility of experiencing the local local gastronomy, their markets. Of course, there are always exceptions.
    I personally would not give for a trip to Berlin complete without visiting the main scenario of the video recording of the song “stay” by U2 (one of my favorites) for the Wim Wenders film – Faraway, So Close!.
    Berlin does not yet know, but I’m a bit sad and the famous wall as a souvenir.
    Ah .. his sisters are very funny and beautiful!

    1. Thank you 🙂

      The exchanging of houses is actually an interesting idea, I have never heard of that before!

      Yeah I also think this way, renting an apartment really puts you into the life of a normal citizen where you’re staying sort of!

      We definitely visited the Brandenburg Gate of course, will post about that eventually 🙂

      1. An interesting photo for me and is always emotionally chilling was the panel on the wall of a building. Photo is typically Brazilian. The photo says: joga bonito (play beuatiful). This is a year of World Cup Soccer and Germany X Brazil is a good guess for the final.

        I liked the artwork on the walls. Berlin is famous in this art.

        Another interesting thing … We’ve been in Italy (the country of pasta, spaghetti, pizza) …. Do you know where we ate the best pizza ever? Germany. 🙂

      2. Wow yeah that is weird then! I love the artwork too but when it gets to just being scribbling on everything it’s irritating! Like on the East Side Gallery there is beautiful artwork but people are just disrespectful and spray their graffiti on it. That is an interesting thing though! 🙂

      3. The trip seems to have been long. The Northern Sweden is far from the rest of the world. 🙂
        How long did the whole trip from Gällivare?

      4. Well the drive to Kiruna was about an hour, the flight from Kiruna to Arlanda wasn’t so long, less than 2 hours, and the flight to Berlin was again less than 2 hours. So in actuality the travel it’s self wasn’t so long. It was the getting to the airport early and having a layover which made it long! But it was nice we didn’t fly from Gällivare because that flight makes another stop somewhere before Arlanda also, so its double as long as flying from Kiruna.

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