Berlin: Sista Del

Here’s the last post of 3 from our trip to Berlin over påsklov! The last two days we spent in Berlin differed from each other very much! Friday we spent the day relaxing and Saturday was spent at a carnival on the street of the Brandenburg gate! Friday was a rainy day, so essentially it wasn’t a great day to go out and do much anyways! However, we didn’t just spend all of our time in the apartment. We slept in late, and eventually went out to a park down the street to have a little picnic with some pie my host mom baked! This park itself was a vast open grassy area. It wasn’t very nice there was a lot of garbage around and broken glass on the path. Up the hill was a concrete wall covered in graffiti. There was a small children’s playground that we went to though. My host sisters played on the playground while we ate the pie! Once we were there for a bit, the rain started up again. We walked back the short walk to the apartment then stayed in and relaxed until it stopped.

After the rain stopped again we went to a different park that was right across the street from our apartment. This park was much nicer than the other one, probably because it was gated off. It was nice to get fresh air right after it rains! I spent my time pushing my host sisters on this big swing! It was fun!

For dinner that night we had Italian food again, at a different restaurant down the street! Desert was some German ice cream! 3 2 Saturday was probably my favorite day we spent in Berlin! Possibly because it was the last day we spent there so I was just trying to savor it all! We started off by taking the subway to Alexander Platz and then switching and taking the train to Hauptbanhof. My host dad likes trains so he loved this cool station. Here you could take the train out of Germany as well as trains going around Berlin. The building was all glass and had many different shops inside of it. It had, I believe, 4 floors of trains and shopping. 1 BERLIN 033 1 BERLIN 034 1 BERLIN 038 1 BERLIN 039 1 BERLIN 048 When we were finished spending time there, we walked to the Brandenburg gate. We stopped to take some pictures at this one building we passed, I forget exactly what it was, a government building of some kind. Then finally we were at a carnival on the street of the Brandenburg gate!

The reason there was a carnival was because it was Easter the next day! First my host sisters jumped on these trampolines, then we walked down the street some more and eventually ate some Nutella crepes. At the end of the street there was a Ferris Wheel and we decided to go on it! The view from the top was just incredible. The skyline of Berlin and the carnival going on was breath-taking!

When we got tired of the carnival, we walked through the Brandenburg gate, took some more pictures there, then went to lunch at yet another Italian restaurant for a late lunch.

Some last shopping was done after lunch, and we had our last dinner at a Greek restaurant down the street which I was craving so badly! I had a gyro and it was deliciously good! Desert was mandatory to eat once we were done with dinner. We found this hipster cafe with an ice cream bar, and enjoyed our last night in the wonderful city! 27 Sunday we headed to the airport and flew back to Sweden. Had about a hour layover at Arlanda which was just long enough to eat a quick lunch at Max and then fly to Kiruna. The drive home to Gällivare featured many reindeers grazing on grass on the side of the road. At home we were greeted by snow, patches of dull grass and a temperature drop of about 15 degrees. It felt so good to be home at last, but I instantly missed green grass and blossoming trees. Overall, I had so much fun on our trip! It was great bonding time with my host family and exciting to explore a new city! I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to follow with, my host family is the best! 🙂


One thought on “Berlin: Sista Del

  1. Supertoll! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your trip to Berlin. It was delightful to read about the places you visited, what things you liked best, the food you ate (keep taking the pictures of plates and ice creams and snacks and everything :D), and simply how you spent your time over there as a family. Good read 🙂 Thanks and enjoy being back “home”!

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