Början av Mai

Get ready for a long update! I have many pictures, as usual and just what I’ve been up to, besides our recent trip to Berlin!

Julia & I took a walk since it was so nice out! These are from before we left for Berlin in the middle of April but I still felt like sharing them!

*Click to make the pictures bigger, scroll over to see the caption!*

IMG_7802At Felicia’s 18th birthday dinner!

That was a little bit of other things I did on my påsklov before we traveled to Berlin! I’ve made 3 separate post about our time in Berlin, so if you haven’t seen them, you can find them in the side bar under the Germany or Påsklov tags!

Now after our time in Berlin!

IMG_8128We came home from Berlin on Easter Sunday. Since my whole family was celebrating together, I skyped my cousins so I could “see” everyone! Basically everyone made fun of me and bragged about how they were eating Portillo’s for Sunday dinner. Love you guys.

IMG_8159Rearranged the blazer a bit, starting to look good!


IMG_8188My little host sister and her friend decided to use me as their jungle gym. They’re adorable but lets say I was exhausted after carrying two 8 year old around!

IMG_8210 IMG_8234It’s soft serve time! Sorry Sweden, but your mjukglass is nothing compared to Dairy Queen.

IMG_8269It was nice enough that I was able to sit on the balcony and read with a blanket!

IMG_8274There was a free comedy show in Gällivare, it was really funny! I forget the two comedians names, but the first was from Sweden and the second was from New Zealand so he was speaking mostly English. I understood almost everything the Swedish comedian was joking about and was so proud of myself because I wasn’t sure if I would, since jokes can be hard to catch sometimes!

I live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Above pictures from some skiing done with one of my first host sisters, Emilie.

IMG_8434 IMG_8436 IMG_8438 IMG_8440

I made dinner! 😀 Chimichangas (a mexican dish that I just love!) with all the works. My host mom made the appetizer and desert! Ahh the shrimps and avocados were so good, I’m actually craving that right now.

IMG_8439 IMG_8459 IMG_8461 IMG_8466Just a book I was reading “The Fault in Our Stars”, a sunset from the balcony (sunsets are rare now since the sun barely goes down), and what snow in late April, go away!

IMG_8472From a walk I took with my host family!

On the 1st of May, Swedes celebrate Valborg! The English term for this day is Walpurgis Night, apparently. Or if you just translate Valborg from Swedish to English you get May Day. This day is celebrated in other countries throughout Europe too, though I’m not sure they celebrate it like the Swedes! Here it is a tradition to have a big bonfire. The day is celebrated as the arrival of spring (though we got snow the next day, makes sense). In university towns this day is a huge celebration! Just throughout all of Sweden you get the day off of school! Doing it the ultimate Swedish way, you celebrate May Day on the last night of April (Valborg’s eve). Seems like everything here is celebrated on the eve of the actually day.

Anyways, my Valborg was fun! Spent it with friends grilling out on the balcony! Is always a great time spent with all of you guys!

IMG_8731From a fika/lunch at Alla Tiders. quesadilla’s made with suovas (reindeer!), cheese, tomato, and bacon. Mums vad gott

IMG_8733Also dyed my hair a little bit lighter with some highlights. My friend Therese did it, such a great job! Tack igen!

Pictures from THE LAST SKI DAY. Yes, I’m sad. Incredibly sad that I won’t be skiing on Dundret anymore. Seriously, I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be able to ski and fall in love with doing it. Thank you to everyone who helped me out, I definitely was a handful to take with at the beginning but look where I am now! I remember the first time the Petterssons took me and I was scared of going down the second easiest slope there. The other day I was flying down it laughing at myself! Crazy how much I was able to improve just in one season!

I really hope I can continue on skiing in the future, although living in Illinois doesn’t make it very possible since it’s so flat. The nearest ski resort is about 4 hours away, I think I will have to visit there! 🙂 And again. Can you believe how freaking beautiful it is. Sometimes I had to stop skiing just to take in the beautiful sights.

IMG_8889My host sister, Elsa ❤

IMG_8895Host mom’s home made pytt i pan! Ahhh I love it

That’s it! yikes a little bit long but I hope it’s still enjoyable. The time is slowly winding down now, I cannot believe how fast this year went by. I’m scrounging to just hang on to these little everyday moments. No one will ever know how much they mean to me.

I also have some news I don’t think I shared on here! My mom has come to visit me in Stockholm! She actually landed yesterday, and was there a day earlier than me. I fly down to Stockholm tonight to see here! It’s only been what, 9 months? We will stay the weekend in Stockholm and then do a little traveling around Europe! Budapest, Vienna, Krakow are some places we will be visiting.

Will be gone for a little under two weeks, but hopefully can still post a little on the blog. 🙂

Livet är ju bra! Ha det så bra, och vi hörs snart!


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